March 26, 2010

dhongi baba

People who call Baba the epitome of laziness should eat their words. Baba is the only person known to me who wakes up at 8.30 am to catch a train to Mumbai (an hour’s journey) at 10.30. he is the only person known to me who comes back from office and washes his clothes and care to dry it too. he is the only person known to me who ever criticized me for my laziness.
This is time that we stop calling Baba a lazy guy. he is the only superactive soul in this city of grinders. he is the only person in this city who goes to sleep thinking of his next morning’s engagements. He is the only person known to me who wakes up every morning and says ‘life is beautiful.’ He is the only person known to me who wants to live in this city for ten more years (five years ago he told me he wants to work for only five years. the years increased but his ‘will work for five years’ remained constant. Now he is talking about living in mumbai for ten years and I know next year also he will say he will live here for ten more years. you call this soul lazy? )
He is not lazy anymore, but like any hyper-active people who hates lazies from the core of their hearts, he barked at me that day, “tere jaise lazy nahi dekha maine, kasam se.” so much for laziness.

December 09, 2009

In defence of laziness

Hello brothers,

Exactly what is laziness? Why do people call us good-for-nothing? Let us clear the air.

Laziness is a state of mind, which is precariously hanging between the plasma state and enlightenment. It is that fine difference between my art teacher and Picasso, between my physical trainer in school and Hitler, this is that fine difference between this blog and others in the blogger world. This difference is what brings character, this difference is what makes people or object stands out. Laziness is precisely that difference between ‘close to enlightenment’ and enlightened.

Hence, all seekers, as a pre-condition, must be lazy.

Laziness is also multi-dimensional. It is like Shri Krishna. Laziness shows itself in different form to different people.

For seekers, it is a way to enlightenment. For enlightened people, laziness is a genre of postures. It is that same ladder through which you go up and come down. Once removed, you hang in the air like Lara Croft in the not-so-recent Tomb Raider game, Anniversary (thanks to the technical glitch).

If you are lazily active enough, you can go to the terrace and stare at the stars without even having the need to blink. When your eye muscles get tired, it blinks automatically. You can continue staring at those sparkles till the sun comes up and the resultant heat forces you to find a shelter and practice the same yoga, this time staring at the fast moving blades of the ceiling fan. The art is to watch and not to think. For thinking is activity and enlightened people know the futility of activity.

Of course we are not enlightened, otherwise this blog would not have existed, for we are enduring this pain to write and you as a reader is far from getting enlightenment in this birth, for you are reading it. Bon courage.

But enlightened people, like the other non-active members of this blog, are rumored to have received invitation from our team-leader 20 Box. And despite our cheerleader Anando’s scantily clad dances (which is often followed by 18 hours of blissful snoring), they are still staring at their inboxes and wondering whether to hold the mouse and execute the pain of ‘click’ to accept the invitation. Of course, everybody knows how many muscles are involved in this west-invented clicking exercise (if you still don’t know why don’t you do some google?)

That is too much of a task for sure and our enlightened friends know the futility of it. They are like wise Indians. When a churan-wallah enters the train compartment and offers sample of his latest product for the commuters to test, everybody spread their palms. The small spoonful churan enters their stomach, if not heart, promptly. Even if they don’t like the test, they will spread their palms again for free sample. But they will never buy any packet.

Our enlightened members too watched our cheerleader Anando’s topless chaddhi-flaunting dances and went home … to stare at the invitation link but not to click it, even by accident.

‘Laziness,’ mitron, is a very recent coinage in our country. It could be ancient in the western world. Funny enough, the West has two concepts where everybody should fit in --‘winner’ or ‘looser.’ All the seekers are ‘loosers’ cause they don’t have a car to drive down to the nearest coffee shop. Let’s ignore those nincompoops. All the seekers in our country, as we know already, fall in ‘lazy’ category. Hail laziness. 

In our divine country, laziness was always associated with enlightenment. We used to call it ‘dhyana.’ We have excellent words to describe the sub-sets of this dhyana. Take for example the concept called ‘samadhi’, which, if you translate in English is ‘burial,’ how insensitive.

But our foolish Indian brothers, under the influence of their MNC masters, are increasingly becoming active. This particular development is bothersome. Shall we conclude that there is no scope for introspecting one’s inner self? Shall we conclude that what we see through our already established ‘one of the weakest eyes in animal kingdom’ is only worth investigating and celebrating? Are we not dragging the human civilization down the forgettable path by closing down the R&D of our inner self? How can you develop your inner self if you are not lazy?

How can you have dialogues with your inner self if you are not wrapped up in a shawl turning your back to the sun, warming up in a December winter, sipping a cup of tea, atom by atom, for hours? Those wise active people mean to say that they know more about atoms than us? The atom concept is ours, so is the zero. It should be our conscious endeavor to come close to that zero. It’s a daunting task.

Zero is such a mighty state that only a handful in the entire human race has achieved that. Those who managed to touch that magic number became Buddha. Was that possible if Buddha didn’t sit under that famed banyan tree in modern day Bihar for months? You call it laziness? We call it the mother of all achievement.

Next time when somebody calls you lazy, brother, just smile at him. For hitting him you have to raise your hand, that’s too much of a task.

Remember, non-activity is the ultimate activity, the way to Moksha, the Maha-parinirvaan. Anand, Anand.

October 21, 2009

Poor Soul is now tired of mumbai

Hi ..

After seems like centuries i'm writing , with mission of nothing but to show my friends how hard i'm trying to survive in mumbai (and again without any mission). Although we have our beloved Baba who evertimes says that another 5 yrs in mumbai and he will retired (saying this for almost decade now). I'm trying hard to survive here. God bless Niks who joined me some months ago, or else i wud have definately left mumbai for sure. After baroda, in mumbai my soul has gone more lazy. I wud like to mention one recent incident. On Diwali, i prompted Niks to clean up the house. The deal was the will broom up the home and i will mop it up. However after niks had brommed up, i said Today is Diwali and nobody is going to come to our home. Tommorow is New Year and it will be wise to clean up tommorow only. And as ususal tommorow never comes.

Well guys laziness now is now so enrooted in my lazy bones that, even when i have my 4 days off; I didn't even move from my home. Even now we guys have started ordering food at home. Who wants to take pain to walk some 500 meters for food, when "Home Delievery" facility is provided by almost everyone. Going to office is like max 10 mins walking distance, but again then what will happen to Rickshawalas. Its we who have to run there economy and hence i promptly take Autorickshah to office. Now but working for my office has took ever bit of enthusiam out of me and now i think i have to awake my previous incarnation. So that i can finally get some way out of here.

PS: Guys i'm writing this post not of frustration, but beacuae nobody have posted since March. So i thught let it be me . keep posting. Esp. Baba and Sabu ur writing rocks.

March 01, 2009

The lazy Kumar

Our friend Kumar needs no introduction. Before his present incarnation, the last time he came on this earth was in 14th century. It must be a painful experience for this great soul. So, he decided to take rest for the next 4 centuries. Now, he has come back again, obviously without any mission.

Everything around Kumar moves, except him. He is a man with no mission. There is nothing which can inspire him to do something. Inactivity is his prime activity. He likes to discuss all kinds of issues in a leisurely manner. Time moves on, he doesn’t. He never decides, only reacts.

People of all age group love him for being a patient listener to their problems. He offers no solutions, he just listens. They like him for that. He never tries to dominate. He doesn’t look like a man of this earth. He is never jealous. He seems to have no desire. He never tries to impress. He is not artificial. He is steady.
Kumar likes to sleep. On weekdays, he manages to get only 10 hours sleep. This upsets him. He tries to make up for the lost sleep on weekends, but that’s not enough for this ancient soul.

Having missed last few centuries, he doesn’t like to live in a city. He is a man whose soul lives in a village. He doesn’t like complicated things. He doesn’t like to travel by train, bus or for that matter anything. For him, time has stopped in 14th century.

Work irritates him. Computers puzzle him. Technology tortures him. Kumar, oh Kumar.

America !!