March 12, 2006

Membership rules for babadom

Hi All,

For the benefit of those who want to become the member of a never growing community of babadom, I am listing few rules. This list is not all inclusive.

1) He/she (ha ha ha, heights of optimism!!!) must be extremely lazy and sleep for atleast 8-10 hours in a day. More than that is a plus.
2) He should never be in hurry and hate any kind of movement.
3) He should be absolutely hopeless.
4) There shouldn't be even a distant possibility of him having a girlfriend.
5) He mustn't be married and even if he wishes he shouldn't be able to find a girl.
6) His entry into babadom should be initiated by one of the permanent members.
7) He must have academic interests in anything and everything.
8) He should be a patient and sympathetic listener.
9) He should be a nocturnal animal.

March 04, 2006

Hopeless baba, pathetic friends


statutory warning: All the characters in this story are real and bears resemblance to living human beings (?). Read at your peril.

Once upon a time there was a baba and his friends. Baba was the most hopeless guy. He used to hate any kind of movement. He never used to do anything unless he was forced to do it. His pathetic friends were even worse. They never used to do anything even if they were forced.

Destiny used to play cruel jokes in the lives of our baba and his friends. Baba and his friends were afraid of technology. However, they had to face situations where they were forced to deal with the latest technology. Now, you can imagine what will happen if you ask a man from 3000 BC to use the 21st century gizmos.

Our hopeless baba and his friends were very patient guys. Now, it's anybody's guess why they were patient. They never really wanted to do anything. They used to take their own time to clear any kind of exam. They were never in any kind of hurry.

Baba and his friends also crave for true love, which they never got. Even the most hopeless girls used to reject their proposals. They were utterly dejected. Their parents also didn't bother to find suitable prospects for them. They were sad and depressed.

They also had one thing in common. They had academic interest in anything and everything. They used to read a lot of books, which nobody cared about. Every evening, baba and his friends used to assemble at a tea stall and discuss all kinds of nonsense.

To be continued...