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20box is a funny place and so the authors of this blog are even more funnier. Psycho stories by Saboo and gibberish by Baba, you will always enjoy lazying around the 20box. Few of the members like Pehalwan and Dr.RanjitSaheb rarely writes anything because they are so lazy that they do not even remember the url that links here. anyway best of luck reading poop.

20box is a perfect six-sided box and we are here to promote lazyness through some activity. all paradoxes are part of life and we have to accept it.Lazicopedia is one of them. 20box is a blog for and by the people of phursatgunj. . . . . . . .

In November 2005 20box rolled out without any mission and still it is going strong. Instead to achieve no mission is the main mission of the Creator and Authors of this beautiful place. Few of our members are our beloved and most talked about friends. Friends in babadom like Dr. Ranjit saheb (modern ambedkar) and The Matrix-Kharchoo (Gandhi of modern India) never blog. LazyGuru is not so young reporter from mumbai who is struggling hard to achieve nothing but lazy existence in mumbai. Anando rocks from banglore and is one of the world's most tired man. Just by sleeping he earns brownie points of karma. And finally 20box a self obsessed idiot who thinks time doesn't exist for him.