October 21, 2009

Poor Soul is now tired of mumbai

Hi ..

After seems like centuries i'm writing , with mission of nothing but to show my friends how hard i'm trying to survive in mumbai (and again without any mission). Although we have our beloved Baba who evertimes says that another 5 yrs in mumbai and he will retired (saying this for almost decade now). I'm trying hard to survive here. God bless Niks who joined me some months ago, or else i wud have definately left mumbai for sure. After baroda, in mumbai my soul has gone more lazy. I wud like to mention one recent incident. On Diwali, i prompted Niks to clean up the house. The deal was the will broom up the home and i will mop it up. However after niks had brommed up, i said Today is Diwali and nobody is going to come to our home. Tommorow is New Year and it will be wise to clean up tommorow only. And as ususal tommorow never comes.

Well guys laziness now is now so enrooted in my lazy bones that, even when i have my 4 days off; I didn't even move from my home. Even now we guys have started ordering food at home. Who wants to take pain to walk some 500 meters for food, when "Home Delievery" facility is provided by almost everyone. Going to office is like max 10 mins walking distance, but again then what will happen to Rickshawalas. Its we who have to run there economy and hence i promptly take Autorickshah to office. Now but working for my office has took ever bit of enthusiam out of me and now i think i have to awake my previous incarnation. So that i can finally get some way out of here.

PS: Guys i'm writing this post not of frustration, but beacuae nobody have posted since March. So i thught let it be me . keep posting. Esp. Baba and Sabu ur writing rocks.