September 21, 2007


ahha... finally i have got an opportunity to meet my friends who are stationed at baroda. I will meet them after a long time. This will be a brief vacation for me but I am going to enjoy the stay. Now since i have to leave tonight i do not feel like working now. (That i always feel so). I also want to see my old buddy who has been detached from me for a long time. Vikash is his name and i want to see him. Baroda is a place where i grew matured spending nearly one decade and got a bachelor and a master degree.

Mehul bhai is a regular visiter there and he comes to baroda twice in a year and stays for one month each time. He is happy and contended with his job and vacations. He says he can sustain only if he gets regular breaks...he is a bachelor and would remain so. He has vouched not to loose his freedom by getting hitched. He is Bhismapitama of our clan. He is revered by all of us. sabu is a great saint- philosopher-social worker-techie, his meditation zone is internet and he has created havoc among content providers by creating 50 websites in a short span of time. He is going to to get offers from global giants like google and yahoo soon.

bus ho gaya

September 10, 2007

hi mitron

dear friends, we are meeting at this platfform after a long time. It is always very nice to talk to you here, because this is a manch where we are speak our mind.. I have to admit that I am now
getting older and my body is tiring slowly. It cannot function the way world demands. When I read mehul's blog i realised that he is also aging fast. I have stopped counting my age as it chills my spine. I dont know how many winters i have spent on earth. Or I dont want to know at all..I hope all my elder brothers are up and running. my best wishes to them..due to the time constraint i cannot proceed futher .....bye

September 04, 2007

Where are they?

There is no pain greater than the pain of separation. Destiny has snatched so many things from me. Friends with whom I have spent years, are gone forever. I don't know where they are. I don't know whether they are alive. They have simply vanished from my life. Where are those beautiful people?

Where are the delicacies I used to eat in my childhood? I haven't eaten them since ages. I have even forgotten how they looked like. Where are those festivals when mother and sister used to make mouth-watering food items? Where are those home-made sweets and farsan? Where are those childhood festivals? Gone forever.

Where is that excitement and passion for life? Where is that easy-going life? Where are those moments of peace and relaxation? where are those days when you never worried about money? Where are those days when you felt like the most happiest person in this world? Where is that careless youth? Where are those moments of intense depression? Probably gone forever.

Where is that passion for watching movies? Where is that passion for reading books? Where is that passion for singing? Where is that passion to live?

September 03, 2007

KISS principle

Life is moving very fast. I'm getting older and older. What have I learned so far? Or have I learned anything at all? I don't know. I know only one thing. I can remain happy if I don't make my life complicated. I don't need to worry about things which are not in my control. I love the KISS principle. It stands for "keep it simple stupid". This was taught to us for writing stories. But, I can apply it to every aspect of my life.

To make one's life simple isn't that simple. You really need to know your priorities in life. There are so many things which can distract you. But, once you are clear about the way you want to live your life, it becomes easy.

Living in a big city has its disadvantages. It makes your life complicated. Especially, in a country like India. You have to struggle for the most basic things. You can't enjoy anything. Still, why do we live in a big city? Because we don't get enough opportunities in our small towns.

Everyday, hundreds of thousands of people from all parts of India come to big cities. Those who are already living there don't like them. They want these people to go back. But, where will they go? They have come to the big city as a last resort. They don't like your big city. They don't want to live in inhuman conditions. But, they are forced to migrate. In their heart, they have a secret desire. They want to go back to their small towns where everything is so simple.

Ah, I have found out the root cause of my misery. Why am I feeling so uncomfortable since last few years? Why has my life become so complicated? It's not because of me. It's because of these big cities. I want to get away from this city life. Unfortunately, that's not going to happen for many years. But, I will not die in a big city. That's for sure.

September 01, 2007

Phursatgunj, here I come

20box rocks. I really love this place. Nobody is interested to post anything. We have Internet connection at home again thanks to Jiggubhai. He has returned from Dubai and searching for a job in Bangalore. It's amazing how he manages to avoid so many job offers. In the last two months, he must have received calls from every nook and corner of Bangalore. But, every time this seasoned campaigner finds a way to avoid them. That's the beauty of lazy friends. No matter how hard the world tries, they manage to remain jobless.

I am again going back to beloved Phursatgunj. Why? Simply to do nothing. There is nothing to do in Phursatgunj. It's a city which has produced masters in spending time. Nobody is in any kind of hurry. People of Phursatgunj have only one thing in abundance and that's time. Especially the youth of the city. They know how to spend hours without moving an inch. I have a great fortune to live and unlearn with those great masters.