October 30, 2006

Turning 29

It's official. I am 28 years old now. Almost half of my life in this fast deteriorating body is over. Most of my friends are in their 30's and there are no signs that they will "settle down" any time soon. Anyway, I am sure nobody in his right sense will give his daughter to pathetic friends. So the saga of "hopeless baba, pathetic friends" is going to continue forever... Winter is approaching and my beloved phursatgunj is calling. Sabu is busy. It's that time of the year, when the students of technology faculty have to pay for their sins.

On Saturday, we had a office party. After a few drinks, I also went to the dance floor and shook my legs for an hour. These days, on every weekend, we drink. Yesterday, we drank Antiquity Blue, which costs around Rs 635 in Bangalore.

The busy season continues at office. All work and 7-8 hours of sleep, makes my fragile body tired. But, I have no complaints. Few more years and inshahallah I will be totally free.I have also applied for trading account with ICICI. In a few days time, I will start investing in blue chip Indian companies. If it clicks, and God willing it will, retirement from work will be sooner than expected.

October 20, 2006

Today is Diwali

It's a beautiful Friday morning. Birds are chirping and the restless folks of this crazy world have started their nonsense lives. My friend says today is Diwali. But, for me it doesn't matter. The day I don't have do anything is Diwali for me. I was in the office for the whole night yesterday and now it's time for me to get some sleep. These days their is too much work in the office which my fragile body refuse to do. I have become comfortable with laptop. Nobody believes me when I tell them that I have done graduation in engineering. Even, I don't believe myself. It seems impossible how a person like me can have an engineering degree. It speaks volumes about are so called "education" system.

I have booked my tickets for Baroda. After last time's horrible experience, I made all possible efforts to avoid visiting Ahmedabad. I and my friend tried all possible combinations on makemytrip.com. But, eventually due to economical reasons I was forced to visit that city again. No offences. I have never liked Ahmedabad. But more than that, it's physically painful to fly from Bangalore to Ahmedabad and than come to Baroda. I think I will have to stop now. Nothing interesting to write about. These days it seems pahelwan and papaji are too busy. I
haven't heard anything from them for a long time. I pray to God to give enough strength to my lazy friends in a restless and mad city like Mumbai.

Meanwhile, Sabu called up. I will join him after 45 days in Baroda and our nocturnal ventures will flourish again. Till than good night ( 8:00 a.m. in the morning is night for me) and happy Diwali ( remember no work!!!).

October 15, 2006

Main Zindgi ka sath nibhata chala gaya...

It's a beautiful Saturday night. It's 1:25 and I am writing from my friend's laptop. This is the first time I am typing something on a laptop. As you know, I am suffering from technophobia and it takes a lot of courage from my side to try out any new gizmo. Nevertheless, my friend is sleeping and will wake him up if I am not able to shut down the computer. Also, my fear is less today as I am drunk. Winter is here in Bangalore and nights are cool.

Tomorrow, at 8:00 in the morning I am playing a cricket match. This time my friend, who is also a captain of the team, has assured me that I will be in the final eleven. Anyway, he doesn't have much choice. I know that he hasn't been able to get 11 quality players. Last time when our department took part in the tournament I was the 12th man and a scorer. At my current age, it will be really difficult for me to play a cricket match and I have made it clear to my friend. I can do a bit of spin bowling. I can't run fast and may drop a catch. I can't face fast bowlers and genuine spinners. Let's see what happens!!!

I am going to Baroda on Dec. 2. And as you all know, Baroda in December is better than Switzerland. Now, don't ask me, how can I comment anything on Switzerland, when I have never visited that country. Guys, I have watched a lot of Hindi movies and that country looks beautiful on the 70mm screen. I am feeling homesick as winter reminds of my beloved phursatgunj. If you want to visit Baroda, come during the months of November, December and January. I love the city at all times but during these three months the climate in Baroda is fantastic.

The ICC champions trophy is on and tomorrow India is going to play its first match against England. I have put 500 bucks on India winning the game. So far, I have been very lucky in all my bets. I have lost only one bet in the last 3 months.

These days I drink and smoke a lot. Now, in Bangalore I only drink Signature. A quarter costs me 120 bucks. I know it's not a cheap habbit, but I want to continue it till the good time lasts. The one thing I like about my present condition is that I can do whatever I want to do after my office hours. I am like a free bird. That's the most important thing for me. No worries, no responsibilities. Anyway, I can't take any responsibility. The work is good. It doesn't require much intelligence. I am about to complete one year, the longest I have worked anywhere, and I am still not bored. That doesn't mean I like to work. I and my friends are cheap aristocrats. And aristocrats don't work. They wine, dine and enjoy. I am working to collect some money for my cheap aristocracy. God is kind and I know he will make sure I don't need to work for long.

I think I written quite alot. May be because I am drunk. But my fingers are paining. Will have to stop now. Long live lazyness, long live brotherhood. Bye...Bye...

October 13, 2006

Kabutar and December

it is a beautiful friday morning, birds are no where around but a 'Kabutar' is there. no i am not talking about anyone named kabutar in my room but about a real kabutar. this kabutar visits my room daily now, i dont know why but may be in search of a good place to build nest. they dont know about the things i have done in the past. ha ha. i have no compassion for poor kabutars, they are all idiots and never understand however hard i try to tell them the truth. may be they are more intelligent and i am poor as far as the understanding of nature is concerned. yes i am poor. i have almost finsished my last game on freechess server and now going to switch this computer off after sometime. i am tired of playing as a guest on free servers as i dont have my own ID. to get my ID i have to register with them and that is a long process and i dont want to take the pain myself. if someone is ready to register on my behalf it is okey or i will play as guest for all my life.

yesternight baba called and we discussed a lot. but the most interesting part of that discussion was the month december. baba told me that in the month of december, baroda is the best place on earth to live. i agree. it is almost mid of the october and diwali is around the corner but i am still thinking about the month of december when baba will be here and we will discuss all kind of nonsense for long endless hours. i am waiting for the next december. pehalwan and ranjitsingh will be here for diwali. i think the winter is the best time to enjoy life in baroda and asusual i am going to enjoy it fully and whole heartedly. by the december exams will be over. on my dear december come soon and be at ease with your old friends and philosophers. amen.

long live laziness, long live brotherhood.

October 12, 2006

Exams and Maha-Kumbha

arthur conan doyal is the creater of the immortal character of Sherlock holmes, and i am reading one of his story 'the red headed league'. i don't know much about the ending as i just have started reading this book of short stories and i don't even want to reveal the secrets here so that you can not enjoy that story later. it is a good book, a collection of short stories. as i have read a lot of late i have decided to switch to something which is light in nature and unstressful to mind. and i found this book of short stories in the corner of my room.

as i am about to start my studies from today i have decided to stop reading other stuff from now on and will finish all my unfinished books after the examination. as everybody around knows that this exams are not like the maha-kumbha that arrives in 12 years but a regular 6month event which is not too much anyway. still i have preferred to part with all the books i am reading because i am bored of reading now. i know that this boredom is not going to last very long and soon i shall be normal again and should start reading all kind of nonsense stuff again. i am addicted to reading now and can not live without it.

now let me check my email now, and i will be back with an interesting story about windows 98 second edition and my room partner nikhil and much more.... yes i am in my kholi at sardarnagar and will be back soon. till than good bye.

long live laziness, long live brotherhood.

October 06, 2006

Winter is Here Now

good evening brothers

i dont know how to start as so many things happened during last 10 days. even in isolation so many things happen and you can not know how to discribe all the things. as baba says i am a natural writer but i think i am not one because i also need to think before i write. but as i have to write all the rubbish i dont much care what i have wrote and that is why it appears as if it is very natural. i am much impressed by the writing style of mr. paulo coelho. he is a good write i think. most of hte time i try to learn how to write when i am reading books and i just recently have developed this habbit and it really helps i think. i now read more consciously but still i dont remember things about the books i have read or the content very much. it is not my humbleness but my poor memory. ranjitsingh is always very generous about his comments and praises everyone and everything that come accross but i think i really have a very bad memory. someday i will be able to remember things but not in near future. i tell you so because this days i am reading an e-book: Memory Power. Use both your left and right brain.(it may be a good help to remember things when i prepare for the next exams at techo) Ha ha. i recently came to know that there are two brains or may be two parts of it or may be one brain inside our balls. i really strongly believe that 90 percent of the time man uses his balls rather than brains to interpret and understand things.
what i did in last 10 days of isolation? i dont remember everything but surly so many things must have happened asusual. money or no money, it does not make any difference i think. most of the time things happen even if you dont want them to happen. that is very natural. i again have to go to technology faculty to pay my fees. i again have to read all those books about microprocessors and control systems and radiating systems. i again have to study for one full month. (of course half-heartedly) i again have to cram all those things that does not make any difference in my life or my gurus' lives. i again have to go to check my exam dates. i again have to loose my mind over programming. i again have to prepare myself for last minute preparations. i again have to look at the things the other way, the way they are not natural. i again have to study for long hours which i dont like at all. i again have to slove really really tough problems of mathematics and electronics. i again have to call people so that they can provide me good material and assistance. i again have to visit old friends. (the only thing i like about the exams is this, i can meet all my old friends when they come for their respective ATKT exams. blessed are those who understands that exams are not like maha-kumbha.) i again have to write notes and stuff in my notebooks about crazy things like microprocessor instructions and radio engineering.( i dont think that i am ever going to use them in my non-practical life) i again have to bath to keep me awake. i again have to sleep very less so that i can prepare better this time. i again have to write this sentence again that again i am going to do few things again and again. i again have to.... forget. i dont want to write those one thousand and one things i dont like and have to do again for one full month. one month every six month is like hell for me. i dont know when will i be able to clear all the subjects but this time i have to go for 5 subjects only and i will prepare for 3 of them only so that i willbe able to clear atleast 2 of them and very soon will be in final year of the engineering. i can not imagine my self going to class room full of 20-odd year old kids. i came to know that few of my junior's junior's junior are now lab assistants and temperory lecturers. i dont think that they are going to impress me anyway but sooner or later i will be able to clear all the 39 subjects and a project, that is all that the course of engineering at techno faculty has to or can offer me. i can read a book a day if i dont have to appear in the exams but if you say that we will ask you questions after you finish your reading i can not finish a book in my whole life. 100 marks of exam can not teach you what microprocessor is and almost everyone knows this at techno faculty including professors and readers and students but still year by year they repeat the same damn thing and try to judge people from the three hours of crazyness. anyway i have to go for the exams and i am fully prepared for this. i shall try to clear all the papers in which i appear this time and should go to final year without any kind of backlog. i shall, with all my natural intelligence and proper use of faculties available, try to clear all the papers at a once this time and i am very positive about this. my positive attitude is the only negative thing, i think, that resides in my mind. or that is the effect of my nonsense inthing that i think that i have very positive attitude. in the wordly sense may be i am not a man with very positive thinking and attitude and very passive and receptive, but from inside i think my attitude towards life is very positive though it appears as if i am very negative and dull. the world inside is altogether a different thing and i can not discribe my natural positive attitude towards life using words or a keyboard and a blog as a medium.

but i am very happy now as i again will be able to wear my old osho cap as winter is about to arrive in phursatgunj. i can feel it in the air. mornings under the bridge are now more cold and beautiful. very soon winter will be here and i will be among those very few guys who are really loyal to samrat and other places around. we are only people who visit station at 3 in the morning in winter and we really enjoy that no one is there and we can have our tea at peace. such a joy to wear that osho cap.

i read a lot now. this is not a new thing as i always read a lot because that is the only and cheapest way to kill time with out wasting money or energy or resources. and as now i have a computer at my kholi in sardarnagar i can read a hell of e-books which i have collected. yesterday i read two of them and finished them in straight 11 hours as i was very much impressed with both of them. paulo coelho is a good writer. i am not very much impressed with his ideas about salvation but atleast his writing style is different and very interesting. i read two books, 11 minutes and veronica decides to die, both by paulo. 11 minutes deals with delicate subjects like prostitution, life, sex, sadomasochism, struggle and women. veronica decides to die is a short story about a girl who wants to die without any reason. both the e-books are good and i already have started reading two other books by paulo. maktub and i sat by river peidra and wept. maktub is a arabic word which litreally means :it is written. i will finish this two books and few other books like glimpses of world history and a book of short stories and than will try to concentrate on my studies. i think at this speed it is not going to take more than 5 days to finish all this 5 books and than i have to start reading microprocessors. such a boring and ugly thing to do just at the begining of yet another winter at phursatgunj. but i will tolerate this pain as i already have dragged a lot. now as i am really tired and bored of typing i will go outside and will smoke a cigi and will say bye bye to this cafe. i wont be able to back again very soon so may be this is my last post for this week and will try to post regularly about the things that is going to happen in my lazy life in next few very hectic weeks.

and at the end: biggest news announcement of the year.baba is going to visit New York. baba in america !! ha ha ha ha !! i can imagine myself as an engineer if i really try hard and if under the infulence of alcohol or drugs or smoke or tea or sleep. but i can not imagine baba in america, not even in the wildest of my dreams i can not imagine baba walking down the streets of new york and enjoying coffee instead of tea. i just can not. i know my imagination is good as i am a good chess player but still i can not imagine baba in america. anyway what he is going to do in america? he is on an e-learning course of something like that. (he told me but i dont remember things very easily) but this is really interesting. what he is going to do in america after his working hours or learning hours. i dont know and will never ever be able to know till baba will be back from america. till than wait and imagine if you can. now i am moving as i can not stop peeing. bye bye.

long live laziness, long live brotherhood.