March 01, 2009

The lazy Kumar

Our friend Kumar needs no introduction. Before his present incarnation, the last time he came on this earth was in 14th century. It must be a painful experience for this great soul. So, he decided to take rest for the next 4 centuries. Now, he has come back again, obviously without any mission.

Everything around Kumar moves, except him. He is a man with no mission. There is nothing which can inspire him to do something. Inactivity is his prime activity. He likes to discuss all kinds of issues in a leisurely manner. Time moves on, he doesn’t. He never decides, only reacts.

People of all age group love him for being a patient listener to their problems. He offers no solutions, he just listens. They like him for that. He never tries to dominate. He doesn’t look like a man of this earth. He is never jealous. He seems to have no desire. He never tries to impress. He is not artificial. He is steady.
Kumar likes to sleep. On weekdays, he manages to get only 10 hours sleep. This upsets him. He tries to make up for the lost sleep on weekends, but that’s not enough for this ancient soul.

Having missed last few centuries, he doesn’t like to live in a city. He is a man whose soul lives in a village. He doesn’t like complicated things. He doesn’t like to travel by train, bus or for that matter anything. For him, time has stopped in 14th century.

Work irritates him. Computers puzzle him. Technology tortures him. Kumar, oh Kumar.

America !!