August 31, 2006

Lazicopedia volume I issue IV

so after a long long time lazy madman is active again today. i was here in the
afternoon also. and in the evening i am ready with the latest edition of
lazicopedia. it is funny to research about such things like laziness and sleep but
i enjoyed it so much that now i always think about how to improve it. and that
is the best way i can help and promote lazy people and laziness in general.

today i am here with 13 more links about laziness and lazy people and their
blogs. first time i have searched about the blogs of lazy people and i ended up
with only few blogs somehow related with laziness. i think that way our blog is
very unique, we have only one of it's kind of stuff on internet. i will write few
things about the links and what is there inside.

>Chigago Maroon-online edition.the independent student newspaper of the university of chicago-since 1892.
Laziness vs. sleep: The eternal battle ragesBy Leila SalesApril 28, 2006
>Relax -- Laziness Is Good for You, Scientist Finds MUNICH, Germany (Reuters) - Good news for the millions who share angst
>laziness is good: part deuxYeah, yeah.. Shaddup..So I haven’t updated in a while. I’m taking my time to make sure that I only
post useful info. Like this…
>a good talk about laziness on blogspot:
>Simplicity vs. lazinessWhen I advocate simple solutions sometimes people tell me that “oh, you are
only doing that because you are so lazy”.....

>>this and much more ......

see you next time with more links to laziness. bye bye.

long live laziness. long live brotherhood.

August 25, 2006

i was here.

ranjit singh was online here. so i am. and we talked a lot now i have to move as it is closing time at computer center and i dont have anything to edit now on the blog. i have again changed few features and colors of our blog but it is little bit bright i think. once again i will try to change it again if possible i think it is now my timepass. josh needs to learn a lot from me, how to really kill time and have fun. i will talk to you people later in the night if possible as i have to move now.

long live brotherhood. long live laziness.

i am back, station was good

4.00 a.m.
sardarnagar kholi.
i am downloading google talk so that i can chat. but it is very difficult to download things at this speed still i will try.  my visit to the station was good today coz no one was there and i smoked and enjoyed the laziness of the bhurabhai's adda. i am busy downloading this google talk to will talk to you people later. i dont know what ranjit bhai and pehalwan is doing these days but i am sure they are more happy with their daily qurater dose. will be back soon after half and hour and will write more. till than good bye.

Do you Yahoo!?
Everyone is raving about the all-new Yahoo! Mail.

My secret diary II

Sardarnagar kholi
1 a.m. 25th august.

i am here again but not with lazicopedia this time. it is really funny that it started raining here again after a week. roads are wet again and everything is green including our faces, not because of rain but because of fungus. we just cleaned our kholi at sardarnagar and everything was full of fungus so we got infected. we look like alians now. really comic. most of the time i try to connect and disconnect internet but it is not working properly yet. i have to wait sometimes for hours just to upload a crap into blogger. i dont think i ever will be able to upload images from this connection at sardarnagar. we have a pc here just like us it is full of errors and missing softwares and even missing hardware. we have more than 10GB of music and videos stored on this system but dont have a pair of speakers. something i poke earphones inside me and it is really painful. those earphones are torturous but running out of options and money right now we have to work with those earphones only. nikhil-technogeek is with me at sardarnagar for few days now. he uses his hi-fi phone to connect to the internet using gprs connection. technology is moving ahead with deadly speed, it is now impossible for me to keep updated always. but i dont much care about this, as i am pretty old now. i again will watch that movie forest gump tonight as i dont have anything to do and speed here is not very good so all i can do is to watch that only movie stored on this pc. i like that movie but those earphones, my goodness. today our president at kalubhai's dhaval bhai came to kalubhai. as always we chatted, smoked, had few padikis and was discussing about all free gprs providers. few days back his scooty was injured. a nail punctured his scooty's pneumatic tyre and also his hopes to reach home as soon as possible. than we went to kalubhai and late night i dropped him at his place. yesterday night (morning) kamal came into my dream and was busy telling me all rubbish things and his brave ideas to built an empire from ashes. he dont even part a weak soul like me in my dreams. yahoo messenger dont work on my pc with this pathetic speed so i use link to get into yahoo and chat with my friends. we dont have any gmail talk messenger on this pc. i will try to download gmail talk so i can chat with baba early in the morning. all other messengers dont work on this pc but i hope that gmail talk will work. jose says it is real timepass at capital market but he actually dont understands or knows what real timepass is. today i was busy reading our own blog and archives. we have more than 65 posts now and i think we post at average rate of 1 post per 4 day with 10 members and 2-4 active members it is really good. we are really lazy and i fully support this kind of slow movement. when i was reading previous posts going through archives i read that post by jose: real timepass at capital market and i thought jose with out josh dont really know what is real timepass. what do you say baba? is it possible to kill time in more precise and accurate way than to be at sardarnagar, sitting silently, doing nothing. it is really difficult to beat me as far as timepass is concerned. i can give a deadman a run for his time if it is all about timepass. most of them outside in the world thinks that it is not good to pass your time doing nothing, idel. i am feeling like tea and cigarette. it is 1 a.m. in the noon and station would be full with all nocturnal animals drinking tea and eating all kind of nonedible food. i love samosha at samrat. it is really great if they also have good chatney and few fresh green chillis. yesterday night when i was at station one of my old friend pushed me from behind. he is like talking machine, quite old man in his late 40s and full of energy. i have heard that in new generation mobile phones there is a push to talk function but this man uses this function for last so many years. if you are into his 10 feet radius you are gone. you dont even need to speak a thing and he can talk to you for whole night. he is insomniac, in search of weak souls all the night. he stands at jaiambe pan house and if you are a frequent visiter there you dont even need to introduce yourself. he would be there like and agile, talking and joking( that is what he thinks, poking i should say). i have seen so many people who are expert orators, but this man is heights. he is not an orator and he thinks that he is the most intelligent man in the whole universe, always advising and asking questions about futures and options. ha ha. he is really a crack. have to smoke now so going to station now. my monologue will continue after the break. till than good afternoon. bye bye.

i am back again.

i am downloading google talk so that i can chat. but it is very difficult to download things at this speed still i will try. my visit to the station was good today coz no one was there and i smoked and enjoyed the laziness of the bhurabhai's adda. i am busy downloading this google talk to will talk to you people later. i dont know what ranjit bhai and pehalwan is doing these days but i am sure they are more happy with their daily qurater dose. will be back soon after half and hour and will write more. till than good bye.

i am back again.

i am downloading google talk so that i can chat. but it is very difficult to download things at this speed still i will try. my visit to the station was good today coz no one was there and i smoked and enjoyed the laziness of the bhurabhai's adda. i am busy downloading this google talk to will talk to you people later. i dont know what ranjit bhai and pehalwan is doing these days but i am sure they are more happy with their daily qurater dose. will be back soon after half and hour and will write more. till than good bye.

August 23, 2006

good morning

it is almost 4 p.m. here and for last one hour i am trying to upload images from my computer to this site but again with little success just like in the night. this airtel GPRS connection is not working as it should work. i have so many things to do now and i can not waste my time in doing things like this. i have to sleep again that is the most important work i have to finish before 8 p.m. in the noon. sun came out is little bit hot outside my room so i will prefer to stay inside till 7 30 p.m.. moisture in the air is calcining now, and air is even thin and suffocating inside our sardarnagar kholi. i keep all the doors and windows closed to save me from sunlight, so air inside is really suffocating after few hours of smoking now. i just have to stand up and open the door so that i can feel a little bit relaxed. i am cajoled. i dont blame meteorological department of india for what ever happened in gujarat and other states of india in last one month. it is not easy to decipher natures code and come to a conclusion that it will be rain or no rain. it is just a matter of luck that there were heavy rains in gujarat. nature's coding is really very complex and beyond the understanding of human mind. so dont we hope that the super computers can solve the complex problems related with the atmosphere and can give us the accurate data that we some day will be able to predict nature. that is impossible. i dont have much knowledge of how meteorological departments works world over but i thnk they work with little success. what katrina did to america was not very much different from what is happening in india, it is difficult to judge what mother nature has in her womb for the present and the future.
today i have realised again that how difficult it is to type with one hand only. i just lit a cigarette. last few days i am reading krishnamurti online and i think he is good as far as philosophy is concerned, but not beyond. he can be our trump card in the world of philosophy, he is only known philosopher india has produced in recent past. as it is very hot inside this room i should hybernate my self as soon as possible. see you in the night. bye bye.

imagine or imaging ??

for last 2 hours i am trying to upload images but with little success. if i get good fast connection soon, i will post it today or else we have to wait until next time i get really good GPRS connection. all pages are okey but uploading images at this speed is really difficult. most of the time i get disconnected. any way it is almost 7 in the morning and all the night what i did was nothing but watching movies and surfing the net. my ciggarette pack is also empty so i need to make a move and should try to get few cigarettes. umesh is leaving for mithapur-malgudi of gujarat today. he will try to come to sardarnagar in the afternoon, and i hope that before that i shall be able to upload images. we have so many images now in our collection. almost a full album. but this internet is really down today. i have to wait till afternoon. if i am awake and live i will upload it in the afternoon or else god knows when. baba finally posted something on the blog and it is live again now. dont know what pehalwan and royal ranjit singh and jose without josh is doing these days. birds are now chirping and it is time to go to the bed. so goodnight and sweet dreams.
long live laziness long live brotherhood.

Sabu, Lazicopedia and pathetic friends

Oh God!!!!! These days Sabu, the madman, is creating a lazycopedia. In the last few days, poor souls visiting this blog ( Ha ha ha...., I know nobody visits it except me) , have been bombarded with his latest obsession. Now, skeptics may ask how can a lazy person work so hard to create awareness about laziness? Well, frankly even I don't know the answer. With Sabu, it's always advisable to expect the unexpected. As I am against all kinds of movement, I can't support his work on laziness. I know this will not continue for long and he will get tired very soon. Having said that, I am amazed at his ability to kill time. Any other person in his place would kill himself.

Now, some latest update on our pathetic friends in Mumbai. Kumar Gaurav and Royal Ranjit Singh are reportedly parting ways with Jose without Josh. As its a controversial subject, I will refrain from sharing further details. By now, I guess you guys must have lost your patience and I am also running out of words. So, will stop here. Birds are still not chirping and it's a beautiful Wednesday morning. Bye...Bye...

August 22, 2006

Lazicopedia. Volume I issue III

this cafe is full of mosquitoes. still somehow i will manage to write something about the latest addition of Lazicopedia. this is the third edition of our magazine and it is full of lazy information. two more editions are underediting and will be launched soon. long live laziness long live brotherhood.

all the below mentioned links are hyperlinked, if they dont work dont blame me. i know most of you are lazy enough to copy paste the links in to the browser's address bar and get connected to the particular site. i think most of the links should work. this time all information is not about supporting laziness only but few of them are against laziness also or just the old way of thinking. i can not help them to understand the great art of laziness but can paste here what those fools think about laziness. all scriptures are full of shit that is a truth we all know and understand so i dont have to write much about it. few of them are book reviews from, have a look. sleeptillnoon website and quotations page is also posted. and a good research about why teen agers should sleep more than 10 hours daily. that is one link i liked the most. see you next time with more links.

tell me more about the things and places where i should look for. your guidance can help me a lot. bye for now.

my secret diaries.

sardarnagar kholi.
7:30 pm in the morning, August 21.

as the pale yellow sun emitted the first rays of light we were busy discussing what crows are talking about.they were also busy discussing ya-ya, na-na and kra-kra. i, umesh and chintan were there at kamatibaug early in the morning. i dont have to explain everytime that it was a beautiful monday morning and what birds were doing. it is a universal truth, birds are alwasy happy especially crows. they were also busy thinking-what this fools are doing here at 5.a.m. chokidar looked at our faces with both doubt and surety. doubt that we were not there for morning walk and surety that either way he was not concerned. his glance was enegmatic. after two full hours of ha-ha, he-he we came out and were on the roads of phursatgunj. this days phursatgunj looks like switzerland plus mud minus flowers. i was busy reading all the inscriptions on the wlls of EME temple later in the morning. they all were nothing but the numbers. 10th century, 8th century, 11th century. as i dont have anything to do i do such things which keep me busy and away from thinking. i read numbers and imagined why they are so many in numbers and how they communicate with each other. i walked a lot, joked a lot inside the EME temple though it is dangerous. all the time in the world and no money is a deadly combo. what am i doing this days? i take one full hour to dress myself, i study occult arts, read alvin toffler, explain what is siddhartha-the novel to umesh, take an hour to lock my room, a full one hour to finish a cuppa tea, listen to music, watch movies, and still i have so much time left after a full 12 hour of daily sleep. so just to kill time i decided that i should have an ablusion today, a long one. this was my first bath after the independance of india so i obviously prepared for it, bought a shampoo pouch and paper soap. it was indeed a great timepass inside so called bathroom at sardarnagar. it took me two hours to unload myself as i was gravid with my thoughts and good long bath forced the miscarriage of all my thoughts.

all the debris in my room at sardarnagar is now in great harmony. if you try to move a single thing and everything is going to collapse. burden on economy is now grave. inflation is uncontrolable and out of my control. my jeans and t-shirt never complain why i throw them like rubbish. i have everything in my room, everything a cheap aristocrate can afford. my room is more like an inn, people coming and going, leaving garbage behind and i dont care to move it. a cheap aristocrat can afford a bunch of CDs, a broken walk-man, all kind of bags and plastic bags and cases and suitcases and carrybags which he never uses, empty flavoured milk bottles, semi-empty ash trays, a bottle of water, insects, a reptile moving around the walls, books and magazines, a mobile phone and charger, earth pot, nightlamp which he cannot use, pillows, a lock and few thousand keys, grey-brown bed sheets, a pinhole camera, empty and full matchboxes, used match sticks scattered all around the room, sugar, salt, biscuits, wrappers of kurkure and parle-G, toothbrush he rarely use, few pens and notebooks, a set of audio-cassettes, ubuntu, tusnamica doll, chair and table, chess board and pieces, shoes and laces, carbon dioxide with a tint of oxygen, suffocation, and lot more.

my god, i am not a very possessive man but look at the things i have. most of this things are useless just like me, but i am so lazy to stand up and throw those things out of my room. i dont even need 0.005% of them all together. but that is cheao aristocracy after all.

now as i feel like tea i have to move my ass and should go to kalubhai's. i cup of tea plus four square is all that enlightens me at sacred place. they are like prasada. i hope umesh would be there on time so we can discuss all sort of nonsense and our near future. ha-ha, he-he and our evenings pass with joy and bliss, god bless us all. my mobile also needs some charging now but i will look after that some other time as i am in hurry, ha ha. today again i am going to watch the movie forrest gump for the fourth time in last fortnight. i shall tell you people about this great movie but some other time. i have to make a move now. bye.

August 19, 2006

The Fox is my mynd haiku.

i just tore a page from this ugly looking notebook. it is ugly because
it is full of equations which cannot understand, even if i try to
solve them till eternity. all fun and no maths made my college days
very beautiful and peaceful. as promised in the evening i will try to
write something if possible, a poem. being creative is good and i was
when i used to stay at my den in the extension loby of the great S.J.
Hall. walls of my room spoke it all. 80 No. is divine i think. dan
brown says that no. 1.618 is a divine number but my opinion differs
here, i think if there are any divine numbers they are from 77 to 96.
all other numbers are unholy and why they are unholy? very few can
understand and even less can answer this question. poor memory is a

being creative is being spontaneous and vice versa is also true.

even at the dead-slow speed i feel as if my life is moving at
breakneck pace. each moment i die and live, die for nothing and live
that something would happen. even divine intervention can not save my
days now. i am a gone case. gone case is a kind of case designed by
the mad society of america. if you put something into that case it is
gone, that is why gone case the name. same is the case with me, my
father has put lacs of rupees in me and they all are gone.
now i have to give myself a break to read khalil gibran bhai and
should get inspired from his writing to write something on my own. as says, stand on the shoulders of the giants. let me
check it out if it is true.

(one hour reading)

now i am back. as i gone through few short stories the one that
inspired me the most tonight was THE FOX. it is all illusion, may be
because i am very hungry right now this story inspired me the most. a
very short story, as khalil said .....

a fox looked at his shadow at sunrise and said, 'i will have a camel
for lunch today' and all morning he went about looking for camels. but
at noon he saw his shadow again-and he said."a mouse will do."
how beautiful and true it is, i have experienced this thing so many
times before. hunger is an illusion. it is not the need of your tummy
but the gravity of your pocket that counts. if you havent ate for two
days but with money in your pocket you never feel hunger. ( i can not
say this about pehalwan, ha ha. but i think for baba it is true.) good
food and an empty pocket can never fulfill hunger. not my stomach
which is hungry but my mind.

so i have created a haiku, that is all i can do after this long
exercise of being creative, ha ha. it follows.

My(nd) Haiku:
Cold is this night,not stomach but my mind.hungry and confine.
this three lines are what i can do at the best. and this is what that
has changed my life tonight. but for tonight only. tomorrow evening i
shall be good old lazy saboo again. god save my day.

long live laziness, long live brotherhood. amen.

August 18, 2006

back in action.

i am back in phursatgunj, nothing has changed in last week. everything is as it is when i left phursatgunj. same kalubhai, same laries, same people, same same same.....
how things can change in phursatgunj?
i imagine how wonderful it is to be here and be at ease. sitting silently, doing nothing, tea and cigarettes. dont care whether grass grows or not. just dropped umesh at fortune, he will be unavailable as he has to change his fortune and fortune's fortune. i am planning to write something tonight as i dont have anything to do for whole 8 hours. i am not a very creative man but surly will try my best to read and write something tonight as now i have a mammoth task ahead of me: laziness encyclopedia. i am obsessed with this new idea, lazicopedia. baba dont support it but i think i dont have anything to do so by doing nothing i can support nothing. now again i will sleep for days and hours as i dont even have money now, asusual. sleeping is divine and i fully understand how important it is to be in bed and at ease. baba support my idea as far as sleeping is concerned.
this AC is killing me, it is colder than siberia inside here in computer center. i love russia and especially siberia as it was the home of a crazy master gurjeff. i love it all. they say eastern europe is poor but poetic, but i think it is poor and pathetic. haha. hopeless baba + poor and pathetic friends in siberia + guru like gurjeff = madhouse unlimited.
anyway as i am tired of travelling i feel dizzy now. still i will try to do something creative tonight as i was ready oshotimes and there was an article about being creative. as osho says whatever you do whether a good or bad if it comes out of your totality (totally lazy) it is creative. i now will follow his words blindly and will right a poem tonight, this is my final decission and will post the poem here before 4 in the morning, that is for sure. be ready josh, i will give you a run for your art of creating something which is you think is a master piece of poetty. ( dont take it seriously, take it sincerely).
i think i should write a poem about laziness and how creative the laziness is.
a good topic to begin with as i am search about laziness for last so many days and my mind is full of crazy and lazy ideas i will surly be able to write a poem, atleast on laziness. i will read khalil for 3 hours and will try to get inspired from him. ( which is virtually and practically impossible for a poor soul like me.)
i also am planning to read glimpses of world history by our late prime minister pandit nehru, especially what he wrote about genghis khan. ( there are 1000 spellings of that word: changis khan) i read that article or rather letter once before 3 months and i dont know why he is so much impressed with changish khan? may be he is very feminine and opposite attracts. he was a very cultured and educated man by the ways of world, and how could he love a barbarian like ghangish khan? i dont know. will read that letter again tonight for 100 times and will try to find out why and also will tell you people also. ( i dont care whether you are interested or not, it is just a timepass for me. and for you people too. reading you know.)
i have collection of more than 100 e-books now and will try to read them all this few months. i am about to finish the world is flat, a good work of journalism but not as good as i initially thought it is. very informative though. they dont know this world is flat for indians for 5000 years and they even dont care whether it is flat or round or a cube or some crazy parabolic shapes i have studied in planner geometry during my college years.
kharchoo just SOSed me and says that he is desperate now and will call me in the evening after 11 p.m. he thinks it is high time now, searching job without any luck he is fustrated. i think all geniuses down the centuries have this problem. people dont understand their talent and can not see their vision. he surly is ahead of his time and age. he is a kind of man, i think, who can force both gandhi and gates to feel like pawns on a chess board. sex. great is a very small word for such a great soul like him. good luck.
okey see you people at 4 in the morning, bye bye.
long live laziness, long live brotherhood.

Beloved Calling.

i am just about to turn off this computer after 5 days. this computer's hardware is now burning i think. it is on fire and my ass is also on fire. i am moving to phursatgunj today after a week in amdavad. now as it has stopped raining i hope i will have some good time at phursatgunj. umesh is there alone in phursatgunj now but as it is a weekend and he has no work to do i think we will go for a movie today if possible. most of the time i sleep at kalubhai's lari. people have day dreams but i should change that phrase as i dont think it is proper for me, i neither have night dreams. most of the time i dream during the evening time. so i have evening dreams. for last 4 days i have gather so much information about laziness. now i will research on this topic for one full month and will publish every thing on LAZICOPOEDIA. i am even thinking that we should have copyrights of this word. now as i have to catch the most laziest trains on western railways- the great MEMUs i have to move. in the night if possible i will talk to you baba. yesterday i went offlie when you posted that msg on cbox. i again was online but after 4 15 so i thought it is better not to start a chat at that hour. i was feeling very dizzy also. we will try to talk today as i will try to be there on time about 3 30 or may be 4 in the morning.
okey enough for today. good luck.

August 17, 2006

Lazicopedia - Sleep and Laziness

today was a longday.

first time i was out of the house since last friday when i reached ahmedabad. nothing unusual when i am at home.

even my craving for cigarattes wont let my flat-ass move an inch. that too in the heat and traffic of ahmedabad, never, i rather would die starving even if dont have any food at is really difficult out there, when i go downstairs it is even more difficult. below 3rd floor out of my room my den everything is very hostile.

just now baba moved to have some food and i am also thinking about going downstairs to get some groundnuts. today i ate few out there on the gates of iim-ahmedabad. i never ever will be able to go inside( though i was once inside there too pee) as a student, i love that building. a good work of architecture. sometimes i enjoy sitting out there and smoking cigarettes.

how i reached there today is a long story, it is just 7 kilometers away from my house but today it was like 7 lightyears away. traffic in ahmedabad is deadly and today,a holiday, was even worse. everybody around gathered on the bridges to watch overflowing sabarmati river. river front project is a distant dream now, every thing is washed and modi's hopes too. it took me a good part of one full hour just to cross the bridge from one end to amdavad is no better than the old walled city. it is even worse i think as far as traffic is concerned. was a very painful day really.

no movement is the best movement.

now for last 3 hours i have been preparing all the links for lazicopedia, and few of them are here for you sleep is related to laziness? how important it is too sleep till noon? what are sleep disorders and myths? how can we improve our sleeping habits and laziness? all articles i have found at wikipedia and google-scholars suggest that it is good and interlinked with laziness.all the articles can tell you tonns about sleep, laziness and meditation. just check them out. full articles will be available soon on lazicopedia.

++Important key words to use for further research and googling. good luck.
+ Hypersomnia
+ Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome (UARS)
+ Actigraphy+ Narcolepsy
+ Sleep apnea

++now the wikipedia links:


1. in computer programming lazy evaluation is a technique that attempts to delay computation of expressions until the results of the computation are known to be needed.
2. Sloths have made extraordinary adaptations to an arboreal browsing lifestyle. Leaves, their main food source, provide very little energy or nutrition and do not digest easily: sloths have very large, specialized, slow-acting stomachs with multiple compartments in which symbiotic bacteria break down the tough leaves.
3. Recent research suggests that sleep patterns vary significantly across cultures. [1] The most striking differences are between societies that have plentiful sources of artificial light and ones that do not.
4. Footnotes 1. ^ Toward a Comparative Developmental Ecology of Human Sleep Foldvary-Schaefer N. Grigg-Damberger M. Sleep and epilepsy: what we know, don't know, and need to know. [Review] [242 refs] [Historical Article. Journal Article. Review] Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology. 23(1):4-20, 2006 Feb.
5. Hypersomnia is an excessive amount of sleepiness, resulting in an inability to stay awake. Even though people with hypersomnia sleep for more hours at night than is considered necessary (or even healthy), they may still need to take frequent naps in order to remain awake and alert during the day.
6. Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome ("UARS") is a condition in which patients complain about excessive daytime sleepiness and there are symptoms of airway resistance.
7. Actigraphy is a method of activity and sleep study achieved by mounting a small actigraph unit on a patient for an extended period of time. The unit itself typically includes a small accelerometer and continually records the movements it undergoes.
8. Narcolepsy is a neurological condition most characterized by Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (EDS), episodes of sleep and disorder of REM or rapid eye movement sleep. It is a kind of dyssomnia.
9. Sleep apnea (alternatively sleep apnoea) is a sleep disorder characterized by pauses in breathing during sleep. These episodes, called apneas (literally, "without breath"), each last long enough so one or more breaths are missed, and occur repeatedly throughout sleep.

>> this are the links and relative findings and articles available on them. knowing the importance of sleep in our lives i have further searched about the topics and now have few links available on sleep and orders/disorders. will post all the links here for general benefit of lazy community. as google-scholar says, stand on the shoulders of the giants. a brief about the links are ther below them.

The clinical spectrum of narcolepsy and idiopathic hypersomnia

ha ha, baba they think that hypersomnia is a neuro-psychological disorder. i think we can easily prove those scientist wrong in a flicker. be ready with your hammer but let the iron be red.

Hypersomnia is excessive sleepiness. It is an excessively deep or prolonged major sleep period. It may be associated with difficulty in awakening. It is believed to be caused by the central nervous system and can be associated with a normal or prolonged major sleep episode and excessive sleepiness consisting of prolonged (1-2 hours) sleep episodes of non-REM sleep and is characterized by....

what do they talk about sleep and hypersomnia? find it out here on talkaboutsleep official website. good luck.

2006 National Patient Sleep Conference
TalkAboutSleep is pleased to announce that we are hosting the Inaugural National Patient Sleep Conference. ha ha ha, they are having conference about sleep where they think everyone will be awake to listen to them. god bless those americans.

The Role of Actigraphy in the Evaluation of Sleep Disorders

To assess the use of actigraphy in evaluating insomnia, 36 patients with a serious complaint of insomnia slept 3 nights each in the laboratory, where the usual polysomnograms (PSGs) were obtain ...

Sympathetic neural mechanisms in obstructive sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea and Hypertension: A Population-based Study

all this are medical, neurological and psychological journals and they are backing what we think. this is really feel good factor for all lazy people around the world and especially who enjoy to sleep. even they think that those are disorders i think we are in perfect order, rhythem and harmony with nature. sleep till noon.

enough of searches and dogpiles today. now i think i am really running out of the gas. my tank is both empty and full. upper tank is now empty and lower one is full. so i finally have to move my ass as baba also logged out and now may be thinking about how painful it is to work at this hour. we always used to smoke and read newpapers at this hour near samrat. now i think all that is a distant past.i alone sometimes go to THE STATION early in the morning and enjoy smoke and newspapers their but now no one is their to discuss those very important topics and headlines. haha. enough for today i think. will again strike back tomorrow with more links and laziness. amen.

Site will be launched soon renamed as:

long live brotherhood. long live laziness.

August 16, 2006


i have this blogger site open for last 4 hours and it is early morning of august the 16th.
this morning hours are not like those Questions hours of parliament, and there is nothing special about august 16th. still i am feeling very lucky and peacefull, dont know why.
for most of the Indians there is nothing special about 15th of August also, except a public holiday. And i think it is good that they are indifferent.
they are not receptive they are indifferent, utterly.
for last 4 hours i have gone through all the links to rearrange all my findings and works about laziness which i have found in last 20 hours on internet, and that too a very interesting topic >> laziness. Sites promoting laziness, quotations, blog of a psychologist, day to day websites, Buddhist meditation group, google scholar links and many blogs.
all that i found is really interesting and worth a look.

webtools, search engines and sites i have used to gather information:

all this information is a must read for all the lazy people all around the world. i think this is the first effort anywhere in the world to create an encyclopedia of laziness.
laziness should not be exchanged with the gold or silver. As our beloved khalil gibran says i will not sell my days for gold. What i am doing like a fool at this hour is a mystery which no one can solve including me.
for so many years it became my habit to remain awake till the world awakes and then go to the bed till every one is fast asleep. May be i love nights.

for last two days i have been trying to meditate but without luck. Now i am so lazy that i can not follow an instruction for two minutes, my mind is like a monkey now. i can neither meditate nor concentrate.
i just pass my time on internet doing nothing, i don't know sitting silently whether grass grows or not but typing silently and making noise with keyboard at 4a.m. in the morning my flat-ass is surly paining.
all above mentioned websites and webpages have changed the life of millions, especially who are lazy and useless.
this sites have made them even more lazy, useless and hopeless. Few websites among this are like heights of timepass. (orkuting-haha) how to kill time and your intelligence. but since i dont have anything to do and i myself will be a dead man if i dont do such timepass, i have to visit this sites time and again.
i know they are killing my time which is the only thing i think i have. they can not kill my intelligence because that is beyond both their and my reach.

i would like to share all this websites with you people so that we together can promote laziness and our brotherhood. Everyone is so busy this days, pehalwan, ranjit singh, baba and jose... so this sites are just a reminder that we should not work hard with our aging bodies.
i should begin with few of them:

>>A Lazy bastard's blog:
how he feels about his lazy blog and boring girlfriend.....

>>Lazyness personified-a personal blog.
a whole blog dedicated to laziness and how it affects author's life....

what a swissmiss turned designer thinks about laziness....

>>The lazy way to success
Author's words:Hard work is passé. The paradigm-shifting concept is "Smart Laziness" � where success comes through cleverly avoiding work but still getting the job done. In this oasis, we celebrate those magical ways where doing less accomplishes more.
I wrote a book which outlines the anti-work formula for success. Its title is The Lazy Way to Success: How to Do Nothing and Accomplish Everything. (

i think author is really doing great work, god bless him. we should support the

>>India's lazy ISP's
as they say : ISPsÂ? Laziness Caused The Indian Blog Blackout. in india even the internet service providers are lazy and dont care about the time, email or snail mail both are same and equal in india.

>>He is lazy, god knows...
from his blog: My mental arithmetic has degraded by now to the point of utter uselessness. Fortunately, my day job requires no arithmetic whatsoever (and I think it is superfluous to point out the irony therein.) But my gym life does: I'm flummoxed trying to figure out how many plates . . . .

>>Hardwork v/s Laziness
a detailed study about hardwork and laziness and how they affect our lives. a good blog and an even better parent-site. content from it: think the nature of this debate invitation stems from my posts regarding hard work and self-discipline vs. FredÂ?s advocacy of laziness as the means to success. I suspect much of our perceived philosophical differences will be nothing more than semantics. Having just read . . . .

Personal Development for Smart People ( lazy basically..),This site is dedicated to helping you make conscious decisions in your personal development and courageously follow through on them. This means having the maturity to take 100% responsibility for your health, your career, your finances, your relationships, your emotions, your habits, and your spiritual beliefs. It requires ...

article by Pema Chödrön -- Looking into Laziness - Rather than feeling discouraged by laziness, we could get to know laziness profoundly. This very moment of laziness becomes our personal teacher.

Traditionally, laziness is taught as one of the obstacles to awakening. There are different kinds of lazy ....

>>encyclopedia of laziness

word wiki means:A web site or set of web pages that allows almost anyone to edit and add content. good luck baba if you can redefine LAZYNESS on wikipedia. amen.

>>The quotations page

lazy quotations.

>>Quotations about Laziness
All of the biggest technological inventions created by man - the airplane, the automobile, the computer - says little about his intelligence, but speaks volumes about his laziness. ~Mark Kennedy

>>laziness store

all lazy products are available here, promotion offer...

>>Even animals are inactive.

This research (bio-medical journals) shows that almost all animals live most of their life resting, doing nothing and that is very scientific too. living naturally and growing naturally. i think human beings are only idiots on the face of the earth now.


the science proves it all.

for last 20 hours i have been working on this stuff and sites and have found more than 100 sites and blogs promoting laziness and giving all kind of proofs why it is so important to be lazy. few of those links i have posted here for our general benefit, those links will give you some good idea about how people are feeling about laziness.
i have tried to post all authentic sites here and have more than 100 links of sites and blogs where all lazy-articles are posted. if you people want to have a look at all of the material just mail me at:, i will forward you all the links. and most important thing, whenever next time you find anything related to laziness promoting or not just mail me the link at: help me to build a lazy world.

this is just the tip of an iceberg, a mammoth task, where i need your help. do you have it in you? this is the first time in the history of humanity someone is trying to built the online archive, library and encyclopedia for the lazypeople, of the lazypeople, by the lazypeople. i am even planing to launch the website promoting laziness and providing all information about laziness.
as a lazy man i myself won't be able to take this wagon far away, i need all your help and support to accomplishmammothmamoth task. all database library and eveything can be managed with you people's help. so when ever next time you are online and find anything which smells lazy please report me at:

please help me building the greatest thing lazy people have ever built online.
long live brotherhood, long live laziness.

August 14, 2006

Rain rain Go away !!

hi friends, this is now heights of lazyness as nobody has wrote anything for last month or so, i think now our blog is really a lazy blog. there are lazy people around but we are heights, and i have some funny doubts in my mind which i shall discuss someother time as i dont want to do so many things at a time. after thousands of years finally i felt like blogging and just logged on to blogger today to write something, but again the same old problem: what to write and about what? as nothing has happened and nothing will happen in phursatgunj, even in a month not a single good stroy to write. nothing good or bad has happened, life is standstill, rock-solid. it has been raining since eternity in gujarat and i think phursatgunj is no exception. rains are good for our beloved phursatgunj as it turns it into mini switzerland. i dont have anywork to do for last month or so still i feel as if i am tired and as if i have really worked so hard. good bless you people who really go out there and working hard. i have enjoyed enough of rain and now in no mood to go out in the rain. i am in amdavad and it is still raining, like a shadow of a ghost it is all over gujarat, black clouds are really haunted i think. will again write something tomorrow as today this is my third post, i already have posted two videos (really lazy videos for our lazy friends) and this is the third article so really feel lazy now to move ahead with more bakwash. downloading osho discourses is really funny, will mail you some of them, baba. they are good and a great time pass. they even sometime works as tranquilizer.
for last four hours i am trying to fix errors, but this computer is like a junk box. so many OS installed and a mountain of softwares(all useless). i think it will take 4 more hours to finish full maintenance of the pc. so i have no work but to download discourses and music all night and perform all maintenance check and other scheduled tasks. this is really boring but i enjoy all works which are useless and unproductive, so i will perform all the checks on my computer even if they are meaningless. what i pop-up blockers and how they help us to grow socially and emotionally? they really are great they prevent all those fustrating and annoying porno popups and foolish commercials about free webspace and emails. some philanthropist must have invented that pop-up blockers. how great and usefull they are for lazy people and still we underestimate their usefullness and power.
have wrote enough and have to schedule music downloads and security alerts, so will write about other things tomorrow. bye bye for now. hail lazyness.
Hail Lazy Satan!

Lazy Satan's video !! how lazy really satans are... i think we are not only lazy people around. fair competetion here.

here are few videos promoting laziness, Enjoy hopeless and lazy friends.