October 21, 2009

Poor Soul is now tired of mumbai

Hi ..

After seems like centuries i'm writing , with mission of nothing but to show my friends how hard i'm trying to survive in mumbai (and again without any mission). Although we have our beloved Baba who evertimes says that another 5 yrs in mumbai and he will retired (saying this for almost decade now). I'm trying hard to survive here. God bless Niks who joined me some months ago, or else i wud have definately left mumbai for sure. After baroda, in mumbai my soul has gone more lazy. I wud like to mention one recent incident. On Diwali, i prompted Niks to clean up the house. The deal was the will broom up the home and i will mop it up. However after niks had brommed up, i said Today is Diwali and nobody is going to come to our home. Tommorow is New Year and it will be wise to clean up tommorow only. And as ususal tommorow never comes.

Well guys laziness now is now so enrooted in my lazy bones that, even when i have my 4 days off; I didn't even move from my home. Even now we guys have started ordering food at home. Who wants to take pain to walk some 500 meters for food, when "Home Delievery" facility is provided by almost everyone. Going to office is like max 10 mins walking distance, but again then what will happen to Rickshawalas. Its we who have to run there economy and hence i promptly take Autorickshah to office. Now but working for my office has took ever bit of enthusiam out of me and now i think i have to awake my previous incarnation. So that i can finally get some way out of here.

PS: Guys i'm writing this post not of frustration, but beacuae nobody have posted since March. So i thught let it be me . keep posting. Esp. Baba and Sabu ur writing rocks.


  1. Nothing has changed The "kharchoo" Matrix, you were like this since the later half of 16th century. It is just that you now realized and started accepting it. You were born lazy and PG(Phursatgunj) in Baroda glorified it.

  2. If we write more regularly it won't remain lazy people's blog.

  3. Now it seems that you need one visitor at least who leaves comments. By absolute coincidence (for I confess I don't have automatic notification of your updates) I just came this morning to see that you have posted.

    Do you know ghetufool? He too is in Mumbai. I won't accuse him of laziness, though I might congratulate him for it.

    It is a dilemma knowing how to behave these days. The only mail delivered to our door (apart from rented DVDs) is usually junk mail addressed to the previous occupant of this house. To save trees I ought to tell the senders to take him off their mailing list. But to save postmen's jobs I ought not to cut off the Royal Mail's source of income.

    Newspapers have taken to giving out free DVDs to bribe us to buy the paper, which is funded by the advertising revenue. So I buy them despite not reading the editorial or the adverts, and throw away the paper (into a recycling bin).

    Sorry if my comment is a meditation about "right action", part of the Noble Eightfold Path, and not laziness, which is closer to my religion than Buddhism. But I am a low-achiever against the lazy ideal. Always get too restless.

    I have an idea for you to write more regularly and still be honestly able to call it the lazy people's blog. You could be like me - aspiring to laziness but failing.

  4. You seems bit confused Vincent. I am not the one who commented on my own article or may be I am..., It is old age in both case. :)

    No, I am not failing, I have hit the bottom so I can go up only. that is that may be...

  5. Culprit was the "Kharchoo" matrix, the guy who resembles "Satellite" from the movie Turtles Can Fly, both figuratively and qualitatively. first movie in Iraq after saddam regime. See: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0424227/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turtles_Can_Fly

    "Satellite" will leave no doubt in your mind about our dear kharchoo, the way he acts, walks, commands and lot many other verbs....

    Kharchoo: http://20box.blogspot.com/2006/11/modern-indias-gandhi-and-drambedkar.html

  6. Guys Niks found a wonderful idea and now we have A MAID.. to broom and mop our home... :-)
    Long live the laziness of Niks, who is trying hard so that i can be lazy and let him be lazy as well...

  7. let me guess now, maid is aged between 16-18 and the primary reason is something else rather..

  8. Kharchoo, it's wonderful to see you in this state. Strangely though, it's not because of laziness, but because of lack of time (I know you guys won't believe it), i am not blogging these days. I am working extremely hard, and strangely enough, my body is not complaining. I have become very active, which is a strange development in my life.

    Yes, Vincent. We know ghetu. he is our dear friend.

  9. hello lazy friends,
    would you mind one more contributor in this blog? can i contribute here? focussed exclusively to the worship of the God of bliss, laziness?

  10. great. shall send you invitation today but lost your email ids because was offline for 10days. Send me gmail chat invitation again and will add you to list and to this blogs contributors list too.

    One more lazy friend we have here. Long live lazyness long live brotherhood.

  11. thanks. you can send at ghetufool(at)gmail(dot)com

  12. back to phursatgunj. Sitting silently, doing nothing....lovely winter evening. Tea and ciggarate ...