April 23, 2006

Inscrutable Americans

These days I am reading a lot of books. I have just finished Inscrutable Americans. Extremely hilarious stuff. I had a good time reading it. Now, I am on Shantaram. I have read 400 pages of it. So far, it seems interesting. Well, apart from reading there is nothing much to do in my free time in B'lore. Life is ok here. We are going to shift to our new house next week.

April 15, 2006

End of first world war

Finally it is the end of the first world war and English forced invaded Germany.
kharchoo was Chief of lazy brigade. Full story after great recession and second world war.
hello guys
m here now....
to rock this place dudes
lets be hot n happening
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

April 08, 2006

Hopeless Baba, pathetic friends II

Ha ha ha ha. Baba in B'lore, pathetic friends in Mumbai. What a cosmic joke!!! Pathetic friends are in Mumbai these days. The royal Ranjit Singh XVII has left Phursatgunj and shifted his base to aamchi Mumbai. Unbelievable but true, the great mountain has finally moved. I bow to him. And hold your breath, who he has joined in Mumbai (stop laughing Sabu, I know you love such tragedies)? The one and only, Jose, who is without any kind of josh. The two middle aged warriors are fighting hard and giving a tough time to their young competitors. Very soon, they will be joined by Kumar Gaurav. Not the one film wonder, son of famous film star Rajendrakumar, but our very own pahelwan. Now, as far as I can remember, he hasn't worked in atleast his last 20 births. My sympathies are with him. And the most tragic incident is that Sabu, who is madness personified, is forced to give exams. That too, electronics engineering. Ha ha ha ha. And again hold your breath. Who is teaching this old warrior of faculty of technology and engineering? I don't have words to describe that great personality. The selfless ( literally and figuratively) Kharchoo, the true and only follower of Mahatma Gandhi. Time and again, this great being has selflessly sacrificed his body and mind for the benefit of his friends. I salute him.

perfect six-sided box#links

perfect six-sided box#links

Hi, Lazy friends of sportless heart and wasting mind ...

Well, like I said that I would post one of the love songs that I had written in my past life, well I am going to do just that. And only two people have the right to comment on it and they are --- Mehul and Gauravbhai, becuase they alone know and admire a romantic song in its full meaning. Bio-waste like his name sake, cannot admire a good loving caring and touching poem like the one written below. haahahaheheheoooo. The poem has been written by this lazy friend of yours in his bygone past, it tell the heart rendering tale of how he felt when he lost his one and only Girl Friend. Then, the ending is just his wishfull thinking that she had not left him for some more successful and, off courses, good looking guy but has died and gone to her heavenly kingdom, nice dream, na. Well, to cut the long story short the song is as follows.......

LOVE: LOST AND FOUND --- By Jose Joseph, aka, RobRoy2006

She came in my life like the visiting rays of the sun,
And turned my life like the morning sunshine.
Which begin with a sweet smile from her lips,
And ended with an arm around my neck.
I can never define th relationship between hers and mine,
For words can never catch the depth of our love.
Those blissful moment spend withe her,
Are part of my lonely life.
Which comes like the autum wind,
That cool's the cookles of my hear.
When the soft breeze fans my check,
It shall be her breath.
When the cool air throb my temple,
It shall be her spirit passing by.


Before she left for her heavenly kingdome,
She left behind a symbole of her love,
And, when I look at him,
It reminds me of a love,
Thats lost,
Yet, found again.

-- Jose Joseph
Written on - 27/10/96