July 23, 2006

Hopeless baba, pathetic friends III

The "Hopeless Baba, pathetic friends" series is back. After spending few weeks in Phursatgunj, our hopeless Baba returns to Bangalore. Now, it's no secret that he is blessed with excellent memory. He takes only a week to remember what he used to do at his workplace. He gets a shock of his life when he finds out so many new people have joined his organization.

Destiny forces Baba's pathetic friends to look for some job in Mumbai. After struggling for weeks, they found some work. However, their problems didn't end. The salaries they earned from their jobs were not enough to support their lavish lifestyle. They also faced dangers of bomb blasts in local trains and heavy rainfall.

After Baba left, selfless Kharchu joined dirty Sabu in PG. The great being refused all the lucrative offers which came to his way, and decided to spend some more years in pursue of higher studies.

July 15, 2006

Life at standstill

Nothing has happened and nothing will happen. My life in B'lore is at standstill. It was difficult to start working again after coming back from Phursatgunj. It took me a week to remember what I used to do at my workplace. But, from next week the busy earnings period is starting. for the next four weeks, I will have to work very hard. Considering my lazy nature, It's going to be a difficult task. Never mind, I shall ovecome it. Well, it seems nobody is visiting our lazy blog these days. Sabu and Jose, the other two regular members of this blog, are also not posting anything new. I don't know what more to write. It's a beautiful Friday night. Birds are still sleeping and I am still on my desk.

July 11, 2006

Hahahahe This is real time pass at Capital Market

Man i am bored at CM and do not know what to do when i am bored so i am gonna write some stuff and post that stuff down ur throats. so here we go ....................................................

Listen, all yea enlightened souls
Listen to this one song
The song of my soul

Laugh, as much as u care
Tout as much as u want
For neither do I care
Nor do I worry

All I want
Is but to say a few words
Which I did
All yea fools listened

July 04, 2006

My lazy nights in Phursatgunj

First things first. My visit to Phursatgunj was a mega hit, thanks to Sabu, Dr Ranjitsaheb Ambedkar and Quarteriya Kumar. Right from the first day I landed in PG, Ranjitsaheb was there. Everyday at kalubhai's lari, from 7:30 p.m. to 1:00 a.m., he enthralled us with his wise (but repeated) talks. He was supposed to stay in PG for 3-4 days, but as always he was not in any kind of hurry. He extended his vacation for two weeks. Dhawalbhai, our current president at Kalubhai, was also there. Dirty Sabu and I resumed our nocturnal ventures in the night. Internet surfing, tea and samosa at Samrat, mindless chatter and reading newspapers. Soon, after a week Quarteriya Kumar (we came to know that Pahelwan drinks quarter of liquor everyday in Mumbai, thus the name) arrived. He was also not in any kind of hurry to go back to Mumbai. Everyday, Jose without josh, who has invested his fortune on Ranjitsaheb and Kumar, used to call up. But, our lazy friends didn't budge. Finally, after two weeks and much deliberation both of them went to aamchi Mumbai. The last week in PG was even better. The much awaited monsoon arrived and the temperature went down. With a heavy heart, I left Phursatgunj on Friday night and reached safely to B'lore on Saturday morning. I am already waiting for December, when I will again go back to my beloved Phursatgunj.

My Dream

U know what saboo ur opinion poll are like that of the opinion polls of Indian media. All gas with no substance. Hhhehheheheh. I shall prove you wrong. First it was, whether, I will get married or not. Well, I am almost engaged and getting married is just a matter of time. Now, it is whether I shall survive this monsoon or not. Well that is a very easy question. I will survive not only this monsoon, but also the next 10 monsoons before I shall quite and move off to Kerala .
Well, speaking of Kerala, it reminds me of dreams unfulfilled and hopes renewed. I think, I shall write a poem on that …… just read this line

My Dreams

I shall go off to kerala
And a cabin there, in the country so wild
Lots of book, few friends
And a beautiful wife
Is what I dream off in the days to come?
I shall sleep in a hammock
With a book in my hand
And she in my arms
Two cats and few dogs
Is what I dream of in the days to come?

I shall go off to Kerala
And a cabin there, in the country so wild

The blue sky with its stars
Shall be my roof,
The wild trees with its wild fragrance
Shall be my wall.
The rippling of stream
The buzzing of bees
The cooing of the birds
Shall be my song

I shall go off to Kerala
And a cabin there in the country so wild

We shall lie there for centuries untold
For it is the place
The land of my ancestors
The land of my soul
The land of my dreams
The land that awaits my arrival.

I shall go off to Kerala
And a cabin there in the country so wild