December 29, 2006


extension lobby of S.J. Hall !! one dark alley rather with doors and walls on both sides. there lived a man nicknamed kacchua. during my first few days of stay with this man in room no. 80 of extension lobby i realized that we are going to enjoy each other's company. so lazyman he was that he never ever started any conversation. after ten days of stay together he told me that he was going to Ahmadabad for his office training. and after three months when he came back we were on drinking spree. insolent ideas for model making was his plus point as a student of architecture. once he used cigarette stubs instead of trees in his model of an art gallery. it was a part of his fundamental rights to keep everything in total mess and dirty inside the room as a senior to me and more as a student of architecture. i never revolted because i also loved the way our room was. drinking country wine and then playing 29! with my useless friends was a real fun. Hiren never ever mastered the game like us but he was reliable as a partner. during his final year thesis less time we consumed in creating something new or giving shape to our strange ideas and improving design, and more time we gave to the philosophy of making 'joints' more easily. he had a big 'bong' but we preferred 'joints' more than bongs. Kandisa was our favourite album and we had played a lot of music on his barbarian tape recorder. at the end of the dark age CD players were still a luxury. as nobody in extension lobby was interested in any kind of study keeping volume low was out of the the question. out of fifty only five students in extension lobby were allowed to keep term with one or two subjects and everybody else never cared for their results.

Typical day in our life during those golden days...

7 in the morning

hiren, after rubbing his eye lids for 2 minutes, 'where are the cigis?'

pointing my index finger towards his drawing board, 'they are there', and again leaving my body for next 9hours.

4 in the evening

kamal and kharchoo shouting their lungs out, sabooo.......... let's go to kalubhai.

4:30 in the evening

enjoying tea and sucking four squares with umesh and gang at kalubhai's.

5 in the evening

umesh, busy bathing for next two hours. me, kharchoo and kamal pretending playing cricket.

7 in the evening

again gang up at kalubhai's, nonsense chattering and uninterrupted supply of tea.

8 in the evening

free food at mess, sometimes we pay.

9 at night

umesh and bhatia playing Table Tennis. kharchoo ragging first year kids. kamal shouting as if he was appointed by the university to attend all the incoming calls. me playing chess with kids who don't know how to move their knights and bishops.

10 at night

first round of 29! begins.

12 at night

first visit to the railway station.

1 at night

second round of 29! begins.

2 at night

second visit to the railway station.

3 at night

third round of 29! begins.

4 in the morning

gang visits laari under the bridge and enjoys sadali khaari-biscuits.

5 in the morning

fourth round of 29! begins.

6 in the morning

we leave our body for the first time.

7 in the morning

hiren, after rubbing his eye lids for 2 minutes, 'where are the cigis?'

pointing my index finger towards his drawing board, 'they are there', and again leaving my body for next 9hours.

December 28, 2006

The Zen Haiku

so cold it is outside that i don't dare to move out at this hour. but i surely shall go to sadali laari early in the morning. it is 3:30 right now and i shall not move out before 4:30. nights are as beautiful as ever here and moon-less dark sky is moaning. may be moon is not brave enough or may be stars are over anxious. unlike moon they never care how dark and cold outside and almost always dutifully appear on the phursatgunj sky. since eternity, it seems, as if i am standing here and watching this stars aimlessly. why do they never burn out? god knows. i feel like drinking country wine today but have to quench my thirst with hot tea only. same night like today's one of the greatest zen poet uttered this beautiful haiku which reminds me how close you are with your real self when you drop your mind and how important it is to drop your mind when you are ready to be drown into the depths of your being:

one cold winter night
i pass through a dark village
a dog barks and barks.

winter is in full bloom at phursatgunj as we are approaching the end of december. begining of 2007 won't be any different as nights will be even colder in january i hope. what am i going to do next year? nothing. might be reading few more books and enjoying life as it is. i have downloaded P.D. Ouspensky's In Search of the Miraculous and few other books by the same author and also have downloaded almost complete works of G.I. Gurdjieff. Glimpses of World History by Nehru is half undone. i also want to download complete works of short stories by Saki(H.H. Munro) if possible. Right now i am reading Reginald in Russia a novel by saki and just took a break to write this blogpost. i need divine intervention more than ever to read all this e-books that i have downloaded. for quiet sometime now i feel that i should write something about my funny and lazy friends. rather i should start the story with my stay at 80 number in S.J. hall with a sloth named hiren. still remember beautiful nights and dark corners of extension lobby of my beloved hostel. Next time will be there with the first episode of the story. till then long sleep lazy satan.

December 27, 2006

Kalubhai again

about to finish taslima's crap LAJJA-shame. why do they write such books? i think i should follow ranjit saheb's advice not to read such books. grandmother's tale was a good timepass. moving to kalubhai. bye.

December 26, 2006


Christmas celebrations are over in phursatgunj. saint joseph's behind my room is a silent place again now. children are on vacation till 2nd of next year and now lot of peace in my backyard. baba is in banglore now after enjoying long vacation at phursatgunj. i dont have anything to do now so i am moving to kalubhai. just received a message from umesh. going to drink with guptaji tonight. will be back in the morning with more stories till than good bye.

long live laziness, long live brotherhood.

December 19, 2006


I wonder why humans have progressed (worldly) and above all what they have derived out of it. Come and see life in Phursatganj and Pensionpura, people here are like king and live life at its fullest and is contemprory best. They enjoy life without bothering about modern gadgets, machines and new technologies. I am writing this perhaps because I have just came from Phursatganj so there is still a hangover. In my two weeks of holydays, two days stay in Phursatganj was most memorable one. The ambience of that place is intoxicating. The air has magic, which soothed my soul. I still relish the memory of KAKI's food, having delectable Parathas and mixed vegetables. Her tea was also like Nector. Unlimited Chach which we had there was also like Somaras. It was so nice to see our middle aged BUDDIES lazing for hours in the room watching OMKARA movie and having intense discussion various unproductive and irrelevant issues. I am looking forward to visit this place soon again. I hope we will gang up again in March 2007.

December 11, 2006

Desert Storm

writing something in the afternoon is really odd for me. the idiot is a one mammoth book and, so to speak, is going to kill my time for next few days. first time after 3 months i am out of phursatgunj, that too some 500 kilometers away from the place i love. here i am in kutch, the great bordering desert between India and Pakistan. though it is winter but during the day time temperature is really high here. though i rarely attend marriages but as now i am here, i am going to enjoy all the comedy that happens in a typical Indian marriage. being a lazy man i am not going to take part in the rituals during the marriage, but certainly i am not going to miss the chance to make fun out of the most serious looking situations. i am tired of this long faces around and will take this desert by storm.

within two days i will be back in my beloved phursatgunj where baba and kharchu are busy enjoying laziness. i can not wait anymore now. i will be back soon.


December 01, 2006

Dhar expedition...

the serial story of Dhar expedition...folks you have read the first episode in Jan I bring next episode....when we arrived at Dhar ...

It was a beautiful wednesday afternoon, as soon as we got down from the bus we saw Gyandoot centre right near the bus stand. The centre was open, we happily walked towards the centre. It was, of course, open but there was nobody sitting inside there. We enquired at the neighbouring shops and found that the incharge-cum-owner is out for a personal work and is expected to arrive soon . We waited for about one hour ,then that fellow showed up. His name was ADDULLA. After revealing our purpose of visit to him, we sought his assistance & guidance and he did obliged us with a great pleasure.

We were in hurry to complete the field job in soonest possible time, so without taking rest or break we headed towards Zila panchayat office(ZPO).This was the place where we were suppose to get all informations regarding the Gyandoot project for which we had come to Dhar. We took a autorickshaw and went straight to ZPO. after primilinary enquiry at the office, we went to the CEO office , after waiting for half an hour we were called in. The CEO was young IAS offficer , who was very straight forward and harsh. He demanded for recommendation letter from the Dean of the college, as usual, I did not had it. We tried to coax him, when he did'nt relented, we pleaded him... but all in vain, he said rules are rules and he cannot not be linient for us. Not his fault he was lakeer ka phakeeer .....finally,when he did'nt relented, we left the office dejected. then we came back to bus stand because we wanted to hire a room in a lodge and in fact, all cheap lodges were located near by the bus stand. After vigorous search we found a small dingy room in a cheapest lodge of Dhar for Rs 60 per day. we took rest for about 2-3 hours.

After the brief nap ,we decided to rush to the nearest village around Dhar for our survey; it was 5 o clock in the evening . After much difficulty we boarded on a bus to go a nearby village called Tirla. But after going 8-10 kms when we asked the bus conductor that when we would we reach Tirla village, the conductor got bewildred and told us that we had boarded on wrong bus. We immediately jumped out of the bus. We had no idea where we were. Then we started walking backwards probably towards Dhar. It was was around 6pm and the roads were deserted, hardly there were any vehicle running on the road. So on the way we enquired about the Gyandoot centre, but there was none on the way.

But soon we realize that our mistake turned out to be blessings as the nature was at its best mood .....birds were chirping ....Anando baba (first line of the poem which never got completed)...sun was at the horizon staring at us, the sky was crimson, cool breeze was blowing , beautiful landscape looked like frozen tides .The view was really mesmerizing... we could not resist the temptation and we started dancing and singing ( virtually)....enjoying every moment and we strolled forward ....on the way we found a beautiful temple of god Hanumanji ( I am a staunch devotee of Bajarangbali, and Sabu propounds the concept of celibacy) we went there for a Darshan and said prayers and took some snapshots. The temple had vibrations of peace and compassion all around. It seemed that god was really residing there.

After spending some time there we resumed our journey. After plodding for about two hours we reached to Dhar, we both were mentally & physically drained. We had no energy how to recharge ourself?? we thought... tadi or quateriya,,,, han....han ...quateriya ...there was clear consensus. That is the only way we could rejuvenate ourself we directly went to the wine shop bought one beer and a DSP quarter. After buying chakhna( biting), we went to our lodge started partying......for about two hours. Then came down to have food. we had it in prachur matra! then again went around exploring the town at night. Then came back to our suite (lodge) and fell on the bed like a log (kate ped ki tarah) and went in comma for about 10 day kya be continued