March 26, 2010

dhongi baba

People who call Baba the epitome of laziness should eat their words. Baba is the only person known to me who wakes up at 8.30 am to catch a train to Mumbai (an hour’s journey) at 10.30. he is the only person known to me who comes back from office and washes his clothes and care to dry it too. he is the only person known to me who ever criticized me for my laziness.
This is time that we stop calling Baba a lazy guy. he is the only superactive soul in this city of grinders. he is the only person in this city who goes to sleep thinking of his next morning’s engagements. He is the only person known to me who wakes up every morning and says ‘life is beautiful.’ He is the only person known to me who wants to live in this city for ten more years (five years ago he told me he wants to work for only five years. the years increased but his ‘will work for five years’ remained constant. Now he is talking about living in mumbai for ten years and I know next year also he will say he will live here for ten more years. you call this soul lazy? )
He is not lazy anymore, but like any hyper-active people who hates lazies from the core of their hearts, he barked at me that day, “tere jaise lazy nahi dekha maine, kasam se.” so much for laziness.


  1. Yes Dear Ghetu.

    I am also surprised at my energy level in the last few months. I won't call myself lazy and agree with most of your comments. But, I am working hard to remain lazy. God willing, those beautiful lazy days will come back once again.

  2. বহত ইস থিস আল আবুত?

  3. My dear Vincent,
    what is this arbitrary bengali script? what does it mean? are you trying to hack our blog?

  4. ummm, well I tried to get a translation of “tere jaise lazy nahi dekha maine, kasam se.” but all the translating machines got from English to bengali. So I tried one, putting in "what is this all about?" - and that was the result.

  5. "tere jaise lazy nahi dekha maine, kasam se" -- translates into: "i have never seen a lazy like you, i swear"

  6. Those lazy days are back again my friend, as promised. Back to my beloved phursatgunj and it's as beautiful and lazy as it was. And this time of the year, it's heaven on the earth (if there is anything like that). shukh, shanti, chuppi, maun have all come back....