June 27, 2006

A Demonstration of Gurdjieff Sacred Dances_1 神聖舞蹈
cold joke

June 20, 2006

Three babas and one budhiya

These days, it's a common sight to find three aging babas riding a budhiya in Phursatgunj. I'm refering to pahelwan's Hero Honda Splender bike, which has become very old. Everyday, 3-4 times in a day, three of us have fun with the budhiya. Though it's old, it satisfies our needs with few complaints. Kumar Gaurav, the inheritor of budhiya, has put her on sale. He is satisfied with her and doesn't intend to carry it to Mumbai. Umesh, the incorregible flirt, is acting as a middleman, and will get a customer for budhiya.

June 19, 2006

Where there is a will.... there is a stress, anxiety and miseries. Do not will to work, it is hazardous, dangerous and could prove fatal. Not only I , but my whole community feels so.
The president of my community "Baba Anando " alias "perverted Baba".....says marriage is a sin or a crime because it compels a man to work harder...ooffff hai tauba....his whole life. Don't get him wrong he is not against sexual pleasures or intercourse neither he is a sort of homophile or queer or inverted...but he thinks relationship with women(worldly) cannot go beyond physical or sexual fulfillment. He says he is open for any live-in relationship ( only god knows what is the basis for this wishful thinking) with a women, but will not carry any burden of responsibilities.He loves and promotes bachelorhood. He is planning to get retired at the age of 37 if he will have sufficient money to survive( lavishly) rest of his life. I pray for his wish to ... come true.

Sabu is hot and happening ...don't think he is sexy or stud or sexually lethal for girls. He is 'hot' because his room at sardar nagar is like baking oven or hearth, and after sleeping whole day there he becomes like a tandoory chicken. Ready for savouring. He is 'happening' because he never sleeps at night doing lots of activities. He loves to be hated by the society and hates to be loved by the society. He has great faith on his unproductive or non-existant goals and feels strongly that he will achieve them on day.

Royal Ranjit ... his highness , was terribly sick few days back ... he is now recovering fast. He is planning to leave Phursatganj (though he is planning this for past two weeks ) and willing to go to mumbai to start playing his another innings of the match. He has cleared his fitness test. But , will he be able to play another innings? That will be decided by the selectors....

Jose is suffering by the sultry climate of Mumbai. He spends 5 hours immersing his lean wiry body inside a painfully small drum... where a toad will find difficult to dip itself. He has a crush with our earstwhile land lady. She is middle-aged sexywomen with a beautiful curvy figure. She has seduced our virgin, virtuous and vital buddy. But he has no fault, even Royal Ranjit Singh VII and I was too encaptivated by her charm and sex appeal.

Dhawalbhai is, now a days, flying high and he does'nt stop smiling because his old buddy Royal Ranjit Singh is in Baroda. He is a regular, active and most sincere member of our Phursatganj lazybones association. At one time, he even challanged the presidentship of veteran Ranjit Singh. He will soon be nominated for the Presidentship as Royal Ranjit's term for presidentship is over. I wish him all the best.

gaurav lazy baba

June 17, 2006

The great Russian Bombay circus

As decided, three of us -- I, Sabu and Ranjit Singh went to see the great Russian Bombay circus today. I was very excited. The last time I saw a circus was in my childhood. We reached the Pradarshan Maidan at 7:00 p.m., where the great circus has put up its tent. We bought three tickets of dress circle for Rs 300. With great hopes, we entered into the circus and took our seats in the third row from the front. The audience consisted of around 150 people, majority of whom were middle aged guys. And, as Ranjit suggested their real motive was to see something else. And, they were not disappointed. The circus had some beautiful Russian babes in flimsy costumes. Well, coming to the performances, I really liked some of the items performed by the Russian artists. However, overall, the circus was not that great as suggested by its name. Some of the Indian artists were young children. I wonder whether it's legal to have such young kids performing in the circus. We came to the conclusion why circus has no future in India. There were no innovations and the Indian artists performed the same age old stuff. Also, the ban on using animals in circus has taken its toll. However, I found horses, camels, elephant and dogs performing in the circus. Are they legally allowed? Nevertheless, going to the circus was an experience and all three of us were happy to get a chance to revisit our childhood.

June 16, 2006

My days in Phursatgunj

These days Phursatgunj is burning like volcano. No signs of rain whatsoever. However, the nights are cool. Every day at 7:30 in the evening, the permanent members assemble at Kalubhai's lari. Royal Ranjit Singh XVII has been telling us the same things since last three days and the rest of us listen patiently. A great listening exercise and test of your patience! I saw Phir Hera Pheri. The movie isn't worth watching in a multiplex. Jose, don't waste your money. Today, we are planning to go to a circus called the great Bombay circus. With each passing day, Baroda is becoming more and more hopeless. There are no signs of growth. The city is witnessing what my dear friend Sabu calls - 'the negative growth'. No beautiful girls in sight either.

June 12, 2006

Back to Phursatgunj

Hi Guys,

I am back to Phursatgunj after six months. Nothing ever changes in my beloved Phursatgunj. The same hopeless youngsters hanging out at station in the night; the same roadside larries; the same Kalubhai's tea and last but not the least the same Sabu - the reigning king of baba dynasty in Phursatgunj. I am here for the next twenty days. Today, I met the royal Ranjit Singh XVII on Kalubhai's lari. He looked weak. Learnt that he is still recuperating from his illness. Living in aamchi Mumbai has taken its toll on the physical self of this aging warrior. However, he was still his talkative self. Sabu is as usual lazy and dirty ( he told me that he has not brushed his teeth and taken bath since more than one month) . Pahelwan seems to be busy in Mumbai with Jose without josh. Also met Dhavalbhai, our current president at Kalubhai's lari. Our room in Sardarnagar becomes oven in the afternoon, due to which I couldn't sleep well today. Also, couldn't go anywhere as Sabu's bike is dead. Let's see, tomorrow we will try to bring Kumar Gaurav's rath. The another disadvantage is that I couldn't watch the soccer world cup matches. That's sad. We are also expecting the selfless Kharchu to join us soon and may be KG. Will keep you guys posted about the latest updates from Phursatgunj. Till than sayonara.

June 10, 2006

Frustu Mind of an Aging Baba

Where the head is held high
Where the mind is without stress
Where the broken mountains
Meet in narrow valley

Where the road is smooth
Where the dense forest
Breeds dense bushes and curls
Where the fountain of youth
Hides its loveliest cave
For which the whole world
Bleeds and fights

Into that narrow valley
Into that lovely caves
Do the aging babas dreams
Of life untold
Of life unattained
Every day and every night
Every moments of their life


NB: Aging babas does not include the great poet robroy2006 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

June 07, 2006

Great Ranjit Singh XVII Hospitalized

after so many months of fight and constant battle in mumbai at last great emperor ranjit singh xvii finally hospitalized. i talked to him on phone and he said it was mailaria but i think that real reason behind this is 'old age' (ha ha). i was hospitalized that was before a year or so and i also told everyone around that it was Mailaria (ha ha). all lazy old age babas are in mumbai now and struggling hard there. i think they should take a break and should come to phursatgunj to hybernate and enjoy real life for sometime. now-a-days none visit the kalubhai's lari except me at the party time (8:30 PM in the morning). baba will be here on sunday. so will try to contanct all babas before sunday till than good night.

June 06, 2006

Barod, The Land of My Dreams

perfect six-sided box

Barod, The Land of My Dreams

Oh, Barod, the land of my dreams
In you do I live
Of sleep untold
And more
This, I learned and acquired from thee.
Oh, greatest city
City of Cities
Abode of the greatest
Mehul, Ranjit, Gaurav and Jose
One and only
Biohazard of all time
The great Sabu of Baroda.

Oh, greatest city
The abode of the Gods
To thee do I bow?
In honor and veneration
Four years of blissful life
Four years of blissful dreams
Four years of worthwhile life
And three, nah four priceless* friends
The greatest of all
Mehul, Ranjit, Gaurav and
The greatest
Bio-waste of all time
The one and only
The great Sabu of Baroda

Oh, greatest City
You gave this world
This four priceless life
The greatest souls
Souls of all souls
Greatest of all
How shall i show my love?
Oh! How shall i show my gratitude?
How shall I ever thank thee?
Oh! How can I ever forget thee?


City of Cities
The land of my Dreams
In you do I Live!
Of life untold
Of dreams unattainable
Of a life that is gone
Never to come back again

--- Jose Joseph

* Priceless because no one will pay even a single penny of this great souls, hahahahhahahhahahhhahh