May 28, 2006

How to crack interviews

Hi Guys, I have faced so many interviews in my little career that for the benefit of all my pathetic friends (though I guess some of them may never need it), I am sharing few tips to crack them.

1) Know your subject: Preparation is the key. You need to do some backgroud research about the company and its business. You also need to have clear idea about the job, you are applying for.

2) Presentation: It is very important to take bath and shave properly before you go for an interview (Ha ha ha.... I know this is very hard for many of us). Wear simple, decent and most importantly clean cloths. Also polish your shoes (This may not help in a city like Mumbai, where anyway your shoes will get trampled in local trains). Arrange all the necessary documents properly. Prepare your resume very carefully as the first few questions will be most likely based on it. Also prepare well for the most likely questions to be asked in the interview. Almost 80 percent of the times, interviewers ask the same typical questions like -- tell us something about yourself; why do you want to change your job? ; expected salary; tell us about your previous job experience; any achievements; blah...blah...blah...

3) On the battle ground: Always try to reach to the venue atleast 20 minutes before the time of your interview. Make yourself comfortable and appear confident (even if you aren't, just act). Be natural. Try to answer the questions as clearly as possible. Make yourself understood. Don't try to pretend anything. If you don't know something, say so politely. One of my tried and tested strategies is to bring the interviewer to my comfort zone. I always try to leave a little hint while answering anything, based on which the next question comes. You can develop your own style. Don't allow the interviewer to dominate the battle. But, that doesn't mean that you can afford to look arrogant. Also it helps if you can look and talk intelligently (I am lucky that I wear spectacles and act very seriously during interviews).

Don't get dejected if you can't crack the interview, despite giving it your best shot. Keep on trying and the lady luck will surely smile sooner rather than later. Don't be afraid, interviews are fun. Enjoy!!!!!

May 27, 2006

the war is over

war is over and i am here in ahmedabad, for last four hours i tried to post something on the blog but links with the blogspot was down. now finally i got connected to blogspot but now i dont remember why i am connected to blogspot. because may be i wanted to post something on the blog, but what exactly i wanted to post on the blog?? anyway it is still very hot and humid here in ahmedabad eventhou it is 5 in the morning. war left me injured and sleepless. tomorrow i am moving to surat and may be, will go to mumbai also. there is no news about pehalwan and also no news from mumbai. josh without josh also didnot tried to post anything new and ranjit singh XVII never posted anything because he knows all this things are meaningless exercise. war was hillarious and funny, there were riots inbetween the war and that is a funny thing. last time when i won the war there were riots before the war and this time during the time of the war. today i played moneybhai game and lost 3000 virtual rupees. ( will never be able to loose real money, you know why. . . ha ha ha.) india also lost to westindies, today no positive thing happened. it is written somewhere in the polytechnique campus ( i dont remember where..) : this world is a failure my friend, somebody somewhere has made a great mistake. and i think our fathers made that great mistake and we were there. nowadays most of the time i speak, write, listen and watch rubbish, but that is the only way i feel comfortable. i started reading glimpses of world history but that book was a real joke. in my dreams sometimes fat girls try to rape me and i feel helpless, (HA HA) the same way that book also tries to rape me with boring stuff but since we all have academic interest (by default) i am ready to go through the pain. for few days i shall be only man standing in baroda. (i am the last man sleeping in baroda.) so many things happened during last two months and i dont remember anything now. great kharchoo was here in baroda and hitesh patel was also here in baroda. i slept on the vasad highway ( highspirits). there was few raindrops. hear was on. we were at EME temple. sadali laries were there. mornings were beautiful asusual. bridge preached me. tree at sadali lari is of the highest form of jiva. baroda is a very beautiful city, very very beautiful. There is nothing to do at baroda. most of the time you will find all lazy people at various lari joints all around the city. that is why i love this city, this is a negative city, no growth no money no job no fun. but still this is the place..... when i was young i had a dream that i will conquere this world and then will come back to baroda and will enjoy sadali khari and chai under the bridge. just the way alexender had a dream, i had a dream. but now i have a dream to dream, to sleep and dream. god gave us so many options and the best is to dream. day dreaming is good for our health. now for last one hour i am typing and now i feel as if for last 1000 years i am working so hard. i dont know why we are so lazy but i have a good reason to celebrate our laziness, but now i dont remember the reason but still we will celebrate laziness. hail bistar.

nothing has happened,
and nothing will happen.
what is there is there.....
we dont waste our hours,
chewing the kharis and,
smoking the cigarettes.
they are always there,
under the bridge.
lazy among the laziest.
kings among the mamas,
see for your self.

Enough for today.

May 21, 2006

That dreaded notice board

Which is the most frightening sight for me in this world? Well, it's that dreaded notice board of the electrical engineering department, announcing another year of complete bed rest. I have gone through this traumatic experience for years during my long and arduous stay at the Faculty of Technology and Engineering, M.S.U., Baroda.

The first few moments were really tough. The verdict is out, and your fate is sealed for one more year. After my first encounter with the notice board, I tried hard to reduce its DC effect. I tried to avoid looking at my name on it, unless I was convinced that this time I would not get the death sentence. I would see how my best friends have fared in the exams? I would become happy if they have done well. Not because, I liked them. But, it was a precursor to my own fate. Looking at their results, I would know, whether I will get a reprieve this time or will have to serve one more year of rigorous imprisonment.

After the first few disastrous experiences, I decided that enough is enough. I took my fate in my own hands. I started to remain absent from the examination hall, when I was sure about the outcome. This strategy worked for some time and reduced my pain to a large extent. No more waiting for the final verdict. However, this was just a temporary relief. I couldn't avoid the notice board permanently. Periodically, I was forced to look at it.

If God will ask me what's your last wish before death, I will say "to smash that f**#ing notice board".