February 26, 2006

lazy blog and RANJIT SINGH XVII

as everyone is lazy here and none want to blog anything or post anything here finally decided to invite the mamoth of google search.
i invited RS today and send him the invitation to join this blog.
soon we will be able to read great works of RANJIT SINGH XVII as soon as he will register on this blog and become a lazy member, now he is the most lazy among all of us so he is last one to register.
anyway welcome to our own lazy mountain.
amen. amen. amen.

February 18, 2006

Life in B'lore

After a long long time I have found some energy to write a few words about my life in B'lore (which you guys already know is confined to only 500 meters radius). Well, as you guys already know that I am not a natural writer and have very limited expressions. Whenever I think about writing something, invariable the first sentence is --"It's a beautiful Monday (day changes accordingly) morning (time also changes accordingly). Birds are chirping. " After that a very big pause. Neverthless, I shall continue in my endeavour to become a good writer. So, back to my life in B'lore, also known as the silicon valley of India.

Well, all my days are same. On an average I sleep for 10 hours during my working days and spend the equal amount of time in office. I get very tired without doing anything. By the grace of God, life has become easy. B'lore is a good city. It's less crowded, less polluted and much smaller compared to Mumbai and Delhi.

On weekends, I sleep and chat with my friends in Phursatgunj. These days I am on a night shift. Well, as a matter of fact, I love nights. However, spending time in night is easy, but working is quite difficult. Neverthless, I am enjoying it.

Everybody in my office says I am a very shy and introvert guy. Now, you guys know the truth. I love to talk, but due to my lack of English language proficience, I have to remain quiet. Nevermind, Life goes on.