September 04, 2006

In search of P.D. Ouspensky, and P.D. Mathew.

for last 2 hours i am search this e-book on the internet: in search of miraculous by P.D. Ouspensky.

our search began at 6 pm in the morning. i met bodhisamarpan baba at kalubhai's lari and we were talking about the books osho loved. he told me about a book by the disciple of Dr. G.I. Gurdjieff, P.D. Ouspensky. The book In search of miraculous is a rare one. we went to station book stalls and talked to our sindhi booksellers if they can arrange one for us. they agreed to help us but i think it is not going to work as we have only 1 copy of that book available in india and that too inside the personal library of osho at pune ashram which is not accessable. than i decided to go to railway station and asked the bookseller there that if he can help us out and what he said was very shocking: hai.. aa hu hoi sa? kai chopadi ni vato karo so. he is mad. than we decided to go to cross word tomorrow and search for the book. but i think we wont find one there as in gujarat only 10 people are interested in what GI an PD said and why they said what they said. than i decided to go to internet cafe in the afternoon and i am here. i have searched a lot with no result. google says there are zillions of results but i think not even one is useful to us. somehow through internet communities i will be able to arrange it if possible. afterall osho loved that book.

so now in search of miraculous has ignited a new search: in search of P.D. Ouspensky. this is my new timepass now. i will search it like a madman, like a whirlwind i will roam around the baroda and will try to find one copy. from this bookstore to that bookstore and this internet access point to that internet access point.

phursatgunj is a beautiful place, nothing changes here. i have watched that movie forest gump 16 times in last one month. nothing new is happening here and i am very lazy to even observe changes. for me it is same as it was before 5 years and will be same after 5 years. pehalwan again forgot the url, for him i have to paste it again here. and your id is lazyguru but i dont know anything about your password and you have to find it yourself. it also will be a good timepass for you tomorrow. in search of password by Lazyguru. it could be a bestseller if you take pain to punch few keys on your lazy computer's not so user friendly keyboard. i dont know what ranjitsingh is doing these days but as he says, no news is good news.
most of the time i imagine why we all lazy people are so lazy but i think that is the way of life. yes laziness is the way of life. today a drunkard enlighten me, asusual. i will talk about him later. his name was P.D. Methew. he can be in baroda and kerala at the same time. he is an illetrate intellectual. that is a big story and will tell you people about it later. he is funny as hell, amazing. as osho says, i love drunkards, they say such great things and no newspaper takes any notes. his life is full of tragedy and he made it a super hillarious comedy. for him self distruction is the way of life. i dont think i will be able to meet him again in this life but that one hour conversation was really juicy. i will miss him for the great things that he preached. our great moochad mannukaka was also very much impressed. will tell you the full story in my next blog as it can take upto 3 hours of typing and i already have typed enough today.

as promised i shall tell you people about the great forest gump. forest gump is a mentally challenged boy. he is weak in the ways of the world. but his ability to do things mindlessly and singlemindely is amazing. bodhisamarpan baba also loved that movie. the way he runs mindlessly for 3 years is amazing. there is no particular reason behind anything he does. he follow his heart. he never looks back. as his mom says you have to leave your past behind and have to walk on and on. he joins army, plays ping-pong, became a national celebrity, a sailor, a millionaire and much more i dont remember. his childhood girlfriend is also amazing. as his mom says: life is a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get inside. sweet or bitter. movie is beyond explanations and you have to watch it to understand. highly spiritual hidden meaning behind the movie. 5 stars out of 5 stars. a must watch. watch it if you can arrange.

today was a good day so many great things happened at i am very happy early in the morning. it is still dark outside and mosquitoes enjoyed my cold blood very much. now i have to make a move as i am in no mood to bore you people with another edition of lazicopedia today. today i have to go to the technology faculty to listen to fools talking part in an annual exercise of debate - the paramarash, as they say. how shallow their knowledge is and they shout like as they are selling pav-bhaji at baroda railway station. anyway i am not concerned and i go there just to kill time and enjoy foolish talks. subjects varies from ragging to world peace. we also have elections here in the university so it is really funny to go there and watch fools shouting, vote for idiot, vote for joker. but i dont care as it is a good timepass for me. in the evening i also have to go to gidc for that call centre job in which our employers are very much interested and i and umesh are not. shall tell you about great P.D. Mathew tomorrow till than good bye. great day.

long live laziness, long live brotherhood.

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